Lunatics and Race Baiters and Actors, Oh My


As I write this, the latest news is that Christopher Dorner, the rogue Los Angeles ex-cop who went on a killing rampage and has done in (so far) four people, has barricaded himself in a cabin in Big Bear. Shots have been fired, hitting two deputies — one fatally — but it appears that Dorner is surrounded by law enforcement. Hopefully this thing will come to a proper conclusion soon and then we can all go about our normal activities for awhile, until another major event takes its place as the news disaster story of the minute. These major events seem to come more frequently than Lindsay Lohan’s court appearances.

As if having an individual go berserk and waging a killing spree across Southern California isn’t enough, we have to contend with all the other outlying lunatics and self-serving jerks that crawl out of their holes and jump into the media pool in order to get their narcissistic 15 minutes of fame. What a world. What a bunch of total idiots I’m forced to share Earth with.

When a maniac is on the loose you need to do whatever you can to capture or kill him, of course, but one would hope we might draw the line at making the guy a cult hero. Several Facebook pages have sprung up in support of Dorner, including a page called ‘We Are All Chris Dorner’ with almost 2,000 “Likes.”

This is like those idiots back in 1994-5 that stood at the side of the road holding signs of support for O.J. Simpson as he zipped by in his white Bronco with the police chasing him. Except now with social media web sites these imbeciles can gather by the thousands. The fact that the guy stands accused of killing four innocent people doesn’t limit his appeal, it actually enhances it.

This is a great opportunity for cop-haters from all over the world to rally in support of someone who has done what most of these cowardly creeps would love to do but would never have the guts to, kill cops and their families. Another Facebook page is calling for Dorner to run for president: “We propose electing a man who could no longer sit idly by and watch as malicious tyrants abuse the innocent.” On the ‘I Support Christopher Jordan Dorner’ Facebook page there are nearly 3,000 “Likes.” One sympathizer wrote that he supported Dorner “because something needs to be done about the long-known corruption of not only the LAPD, but several agencies.”

It’s not just the social media sites that are giving Dorner street cred; our always socially conscious celebrities are joining in. Charlie Sheen has addressed Dorner directly on a web site and urged the murderer to contact him. “You mentioned me in your manifesto, so thank you for your kind words,” Sheen said to Dorner in the video in reference to the 6,000 word online “manifesto” titled “Last Resort,” in which Dorner mentioned celebrities including Bill Cosby, Jon Stewart, Kate Winslet, Ellen Degeneres, and Michelle Obama and wrote, “Charlie Sheen, you’re effin awesome.” Sheen now wants Dorner to get in touch. “I am urging you to call me. Let’s figure out together how to end this thing,” Sheen said in the video. “I look forward to talking to you.”

The only thing missing was “Let’s do lunch, have your girl call my girl and let’s set it up. Ciao, baby.” Isn’t this great? Now every maniacal killer who wants to be famous knows he can get one-on-ones with movie stars so the whole world can know how important and famous they are. Just kill a few people and you too can be the most popular boy at the dance.

Reverend, social activist, and all-around race baiter, Jesse Jackson said he would be happy to meet the fugitive himself. Or, he says, Dorner could turn himself in to one of Jackson’s friends in the L.A. area — like Tavis Smiley or Stevie Wonder. Jackson published an open letter to Dorner on Day 2 of the snowy manhunt. “Apparently you have been wounded by your past experiences of what you have stated in losing your job,” writes Jackson. “I understand your feelings of being hurt. I feel your pain.”

Even L.A. Police Chief Charlie Beck is not above making a “deal” of sorts with Dorner. The police chief ordered a review of the disciplinary case that led to Dorner’s dismissal and promised to talk with him if he surrendered. In an online manifesto posted before his shooting spree, Dorner alleged that racist colleagues had drummed him out for protesting about a training partner’s assault on a homeless man in 2007. An investigation in 2009 found that there was no assault and Dorner had lied.

A joint taskforce involving the LAPD, FBI, and other police forces will examine a case that Beck acknowledged had revived concerns about racism within his force. “I feel we need to … publicly address Dorner’s allegations regarding his termination of employment,” he said.

I know that placating killers on the loose is a psychological tactic used by law enforcement all the time, and it can work. The problem with the way it is being done here is, it’s being done much too publicly. It sends a bad message to other would-be nut job killers: Got a problem? Well, go ahead, just act out your worst and we’ll understand. We feel your pain, my man. Let’s do lunch and kick it around. Call me.

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