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There is no doubting the fact that times have changed and that each generation has pushed the moral envelope a little more. But come on folks, how long are we going to voluntarily ride this out of control Sodom and Gomorrah roller coaster? Porno that was once underground is now accepted TV viewing. It wasn’t that many years ago that a broadcaster’s license could be pulled just for the slip of a tongue.
Who changed the rules? The FCC had definite guidelines that were followed without question. Remember the early sitcoms? A husband and wife were never shown sleeping in the same bed. If they even sat on a bed together, one person had to have their leg over the side. Twin beds worked great for Lucy and Ricky (I Love Lucy—my favorite show). The mind of the TV viewer was strictly on the comedy—nothing more.
We talk about protecting our youth and doing what is best for them, and then throw programming their way that stimulate their raging hormones. Everything revolves around sex! Sadly, many people are blinded concerning the influence that TV and film have on young people. There is a physical and emotional price to pay when the young indulge in sexting, hooking up with strangers, playing sex games for entertainment and unspeakable acts that have been fatal. Unwanted babies to unwed teenagers, disease, habit-forming promiscuity that eventually causes unfaithfulness in marriage, loss of respect for the opposite sex and loss of respect for one’s self are just a few good reasons to clean up the airwaves.

‘There is a physical and emotional price to pay when the young indulge in sexting…’

In years gone by a thread of integrity and virtue ran through every American entertainment venue. Today, sex, violence and demon-laden material are readily accepted. What was once considered “good” is now ridiculed and laughed at. The “dark side” of life is embraced while “goodness and light” are rejected. The tables are so turned that many folks think Sara Palin is evil! In reality, Palin is the total opposite of evil. Of course those that see her that way are not thinking for themselves, they are following the political crowds who have decided to demonize her and her family. The media have an all-out campaign against her. Have you ever seen anyone being so maligned for no reason? The comedians have chimed right in and are relentless with their demeaning remarks. Their rhetoric would be quite different if it was a member of their own family in the judgmental spotlight.
Media outlets and the politics that drive them should be ashamed of putting down re-nowned people for political reasons and, sometimes, just for a story. They build them up as media darlings and then they find their flaws and all but destroy them. No one is perfect—no not one! Mankind should be building each other up—helping to restore those who need it. Be careful guys, what you sow you will most definitely reap! Religion or no religion—which law is written in cement!
Tabloid news and defamation of character is being passed off as journalism. In fact, journalism is a lost art, especially investigative reporting. Reading a teleprompter and reporting what the networks tell you is a long way from being a reporter or a journalist. They should be called “news readers.” European countries are laughing at us. Watch the BBC News and you’ll see the difference.
Why do broadcasters constantly milk stories when the milk has long soured? We are being treated as if we are imbeciles, yet we keep watching! At times, the “media madness” is so intense I have to push the mute button, change the channel or simply turn it off! The most frustrating times are when a TV host cuts off someone who is speaking raw truth. I want to scream, “Let him/her talk!” The facts (truth) do not seem relevant to a news story, as they did when news was actually news.
Regardless of age: Perverted sex, heinous violence and truth twisting seep through the eyes and ears deep into the souls of those who partake of it—shaping our thoughts, actions and character. If we turned off the TV for a few weeks and demanded higher standard shows, be it better entertainment or legitimate news, TV execs would soon start altering their programming. It would be easy to turn it around if we had the will and the guts to do it! Phone or write the networks and let your opinion be known—don’t forget to be nice!

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