“Miss Country Western USA” Pageant Has Been Brought back to Southern California


Current Miss Country Western USA winner Jessica Cronjager.

Due to unforeseen scheduling circumstances, the “Miss Country Western USA” Pageant is now being held inSouthern California. The pageant, which will assist un-married girls ages 16-29 with a show business connection, in their reach for the crown, and awards ranging up to $3,000 in cash, prizes, and bonds, has been slated for the show business mecca of theHollywoodarea.  The scheduled date of Saturday, Aug. 11, will remain the same.  All the contestants who compete will have thatHollywoodconnection opportunity, as the judges from inside the industry continue to be in place.

According to officials at the pageant, “We tried something in placing the pageant at a resort community, however, it really belongs in Southern California where the excitement of theHollywoodconnection abounds with opportunity for those driven to such a career that can be honed and pursued.”

The opportunity to experience the refinement and the positive attitude gained with self-promotion and building self-confidence can be achieved by performing in a pageant. This is a compelling consideration for becoming a contestant.

There were many considerations that came into play in making the bold move to reel the pageant back toSouthern California, according to pageant officials.

The new venue in staging the pageant has been secured, and an official announcement will be made within the week by the host community.

By bringing the pageant home where the crown originated and into the midst of the excitement of the entertainment industry, it has added additional promotional packages connected withHollywoodagencies to the new “Miss Country Western USA” and her Court.

The Burbank-based pageant, to enhance the opportunities for contestants, has turned its focus on the best interests of all contestants.

SpecialSouthern Californiaaccommodations are being arranged for out of the area contestants while the field of participation is expected to increase. The pageant is open to all qualified residents of theUnited States.

The pageant is scheduled to be held on Saturday, Aug. 11.  The shift in venue, to where more available industry judges reside, will allow this pageant to be held in a single day.

In view of this relocation of the pageant, new applicants have been extended to the end of July.

For details you may email the pageant at    info@CountryWesternPageant.com or visit their website at www.CountryWesternPageant.com

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