New Year, New Dog?


By Valli Aman, Certified,
Bonded, Licensed and
Insured Dog Trainer

Dear Dog Lover,

T04-13-EDIT-Ask ValliWhether you added a new dog to your family during the holidays or not, you will see plenty of young pups as well as some rescues out on the street being walked by their proud new owners. You will also notice a fair share of struggle going on between the owner and their new dogs in just trying to get them to walk properly. Things we dream of doing with our pets sometime become difficult because we don’t know the first thing to do or the order of things to do that would make our life and the understanding of the dog simpler.

I love starting the year by sharing information that is simple, that dog owners need to know and to be the source of simple training methods for the public. Helping my clients develop the know-how to build true relationships between themselves and their pet dogs is what my practice is all about.

In our world today we know of dog whisperers, but do you know that this is a human possibility and not just a one-on-the-planet person or a fictional tale? This is what I teach and show in my classes and in my private practice. I am a student of spirit and I work with dogs and the humans who love them.

For the New Year I would love to see people with new pups, rescues, and re-homed dogs all come and enter one of my classes. No matter what you think, all dogs do better in life if they have gone through at least one class. One class will not teach them everything they need to know but you will see, in action, lots of abilities your dog has — and that you have — in an outdoor circumstance learning the very same thing as all the other dogs and other owners are learning.

It is my experience that this forum of structured socialization is another of the major keys to having a relaxed dog that will listen to you and respect you as leader. These are the things I teach in class along with all the normal sit-stay-come behaviors that we both need to use. So, if you are interested in a class or have a question you would like me to answer, give me a call. I have answered questions for free over the phone for years and I’d love to answer yours.


(818) 785-0377

Do you have questions about your pooch? You can also write to me at Visit Oh My Dog at

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