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The following news items are true, but you may not have heard or read them because the mainstream media (MSM) have decided not to report these things to you. Why haven’t they? I’ll let you figure that one out for yourselves. The important thing, however, is this is your lucky day because your humble correspondent, Greg, is here to fill you in on all the skinny that the MSM want to keep you in the dark about. Ready or not then, here are a few news tidbits that may be news to you.

Item #1: 83% of American physicians have considered leaving their practices over President Barack Obama’s health care reform law, according to a survey released by the Doctor Patient Medical Association, a non-partisan association of doctors and patients. As reported by The Daily Caller, the DPMA surveyed a random selection of 699 doctors nationwide. The survey found that the majority have thought about quitting their careers over the legislation, which was upheld last month by the Supreme Court.

As it isAmericawill face a shortage of at least 90,000 doctors by 2020, even if doctors don’t quit their jobs over the ruling.  The new health care law increases demand for physicians by expanding insurance coverage to more people. By 2025 the shortage will increase to over 130,000 doctors, said Len Marquez, the director of government relations at the American Association of Medical Colleges. Because of “these newly insured people coming through the system there will be strains and there will be physician shortages,” he said.

Most doctors do not believe that Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will lead to better access to medical care for the majority of Americans. The Doctor Patient Medical Association co-founder, Kathryn Serkes, said, “Doctors clearly understand what Washington does not — that a piece of paper that says you are ‘covered’ by insurance or ‘enrolled’ in Medicare or Medicaid does not translate to actual medical care when doctors can’t afford to see patients at the lowball payments, and patients have to jump through government and insurance company bureaucratic hoops.”

Item #2: Once again the Obama administration has slapped Israeli in the face. The Obama administration excludedIsrael from a new counterterrorism forum and neglected to mention its long and deadly struggle with terrorism during remarks presented on July 9 inSpain. Maria Otero, the State Department’s Under Secretary for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights, delivered a speech entitled “Victims of Terrorism” before 29 members of the Global Counterterrorism Forum, a coalition of countries — not includingIsrael — that collectively combats terror.

In June Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced the coalition’s formation and neglected to includeIsraelon a list of countries that perpetually struggle with terror attacks. It is widely believed thatIsraelwas overlooked as a member due to the opposition ofTurkey, which has increasingly been at odds with the Jewish state. The Obama administration is intentionally downplayingIsrael’s struggle with terrorism in order to appease and gain the cooperation of Arab nations that hate the Jewish state.Israelwas also excluded again from a list of nations recognized by theU.S.for their efforts to deal with terrorism.

Item # 3: According to World Net Daily, Jane Pitt, mother of actor Brad Pitt, has been viciously assailed in the media for her public comments in her letter to the editor of Missouri’s Springfield News-Leader in which she said that failure to vote for Republican presumptive presidential candidate Mitt Romney constituted a vote for Obama. Pitt’s mother has even been the subject of death threats because of this.

The media assault against her has been vile, and all because Jane Pitt described Obama as “a liberal who supports the killing of unborn babies and same-sex marriage.” Just what about the Obama description do they object to? Nothing, absolutely nothing she said is untrue. Obama is a liberal; he is for abortion (even late-term); and he is for same-sex marriage.

But ever since her letter to the editor in her local newspaper, the mainstream media have painted her comments in a vilifying light. The Hollywood Reporter published a story headlined, “Brad Pitt’s mother pens anti-gay, anti-Obama letter to local newspaper.” The New York Daily News went further, penning an article originally titled, “Brad Pitt’s mom unleashes anti-gay, anti-Obama fury in letter.” She Knows Entertainment reported that Pitt actually “hates Obama, ‘gay’ people.”

So if you actually describe Obama truthfully and if you do not happen to agree with aborting babies and you are not for legalizing homosexual and lesbian marriages then they paint you as an Obama hater and gay hater. I’m surprised they didn’t say she hated women, too.

But the vitriol against Jane Pitt gets worse. People posted comments on Twitter calling her the foulest names, and described disgusting things they would like to do to her. Some even called for her to actually be killed. Once again proving that “peace-loving” liberals believe in freedom of speech – as long as the speech doesn’t conflict with their own opinions.

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