All the girls in this room look nervous. I can’t stop staring at the one girl wearing a red, strappy shoe who sits across from me; the tap-tap of her heel onto the wood floor is turning into a rhythm. To be honest, I assumed there’d be waayyyy more girls here. This is a big audition for a movie that’s going to be next summer’s blockbuster hit, possible chick flick, and definite date movie. But there’s one piece of information that could be concerning here: nudity. The role they are casting involves nudity. My audition notice said something like this.

“This role does require nudity, but this is a big movie and the scenes are with “famous movie star.


My initial gut reaction was, “My new agent got me an audition for WHAT?” Trying not to vomit in my own mouth I read over the audition material again. It didn’t get much better. But in my eyes nudity is beautiful and all of the famous actors have done it at some point in their careers or another. When I imagine nudity I picture the silhouette of a woman’s back during a very tasteful and elegant romantic or dramatic love scene in a cool indie-film that will find its way into Sundance. But this? These few scenes in this “Big Movie” seem bad and full of nudity.

So the question is, “If I’m offered the role, should I take it?” I throw this out there because I receive e-mails often from loyal readers who are casting directors or related to the entertainment industry somehow, and I’m honestly looking for some educated opinion. Is nudity a career breaker or maker?

I’m conflicted.

A part of me feels that this is really the last kind of role I’d ever want to do. It’s quick, it’s full of nudity, and there’s not much “acting” really going on. It’s objectifying and frankly I’ve had it with auditions like this. I’ve studied way to hard my whole life to end up in a film where nudity is the sole purpose of the role.


Another part of me (my business side) feels that if I were to do this role, I could potentially be put on the map so to speak and a great deal of doors may open in my career – doors that may not necessarily be opening yet. This would be automatic exposure to millions of people and playing “famous movie star’s” girlfriend could expand my career.

So I’m left conflicted and awfully curious to any readers out there who have a strong opinion about this. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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