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I want to talk about the continuous need to be humane. To show the better aspects of human character, especially kindness and compassion. Caring, gentle, bene-volent, civilized, charitable; that is the best of us. The mind-boggling tragedy in Haiti has stirred us all. And the pride and admiration felt watching President Obama, together with former presidents Bush and Clinton, certainly encouraged one to step to the plate. (In case you missed the Web site for donations, www.clintonbushhaitifund.org.)
The former presidents pro-mised to use the money wisely and direct it to the people on the ground who are serving the needs of the devastated Haitian people. This is big and we must be big too.
I’m so used to thinking of humane activities as animal related, of course we humans are animals too. So let me tell you how some local good humans are helping one animal.


Archie, the cat with the wonderful white whiskers, is waiting for a new home.

Here’s a little information on Archie, “the cat next door,” who needs a new home. Archie represents the thousands of “cats next door,” or everywhere, that are in need of a person to love and care for them. Our Archie is an older guy and would need a very special cat lover to see him through the end of his sweet days. He has black fur tinged with a dashing white stripe down his placid kitty face. And his whiskers are aglow; white and superbly scraggly.
The real Archie is the cat who has lived, for many years, next door to some very kind folks in Valley Village. He is a loveable cat who likes to be both indoors and outdoors. He enjoys sitting outside on his front patio looking outside, and he loves to walk around his neighborhood and visit nearby neighbor’s homes to see what might be interesting. Archie is approximately 14-years-old. His owners are no longer able to care for him and they would like to see him go to a good home that provides the following: “food and water twice a day (moist once a day and dry twice a day), loving owner(s), a house so he can go inside and outside and enjoy his yard, and to not have his nails clipped.” It’s obvious that his longtime owners really care about him but just are not able to care for him. Sad.
Can anyone help Archie by providing a new, loving home? He is super sweet. He often comes when called, and he loves to be pet, which keeps him purring regularly. I hope you can help by calling Paulette or Pat Dixon at (818) 761-2645. They are temporarily fostering dear Archie until a new home is found.
Archie and most homeless animals are victims of the times and of pet overpopulation. That’s why Actors and Others for Animals stress spay and neutering. Spay and neuter, spay and neuter… And, if you have any “give” left over, the animals will be grateful.


Speaking of cats, Tippi Hedren, the angel of large and wild cats, celebrated her 80th birthday at The Magic Castle with a photo exhibit featuring the work of her personal photographer, Bill Dow, who has chronicled more than 25 years of her work with exotic felines at the Shambala preserve. All proceeds from the sale of these images went to the Roar Foundation in support of the preserve. Tippi is pretty well preserved herself, as lovely as she is good, which is saying a lot!

The International Fund for Animal Welfare:

IFAW is ready to send in teams to care for the animals in Haiti when it’s possible, appropriate and when the people are properly attended to. At this writing, it’s hard to imagine that this will ever happen. Disasters of this proportion are just impossible to wrap one’s head around. But our hearts and spirit of generosity understand. Our humaneness understands. We’ll take action and we’ll talk.

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