Oscar Winners and Events We Really Enjoyed, Wow!


At the WOW! Creations event: Mark Harris, Kate Linder, Carol Connors, and Matt Harris.

When “The Hurt Locker” won the Best Picture Oscar®, plus the historic Best Director award for Kathryn Bigelow, no one was cheering louder than James Cameron, the director-producer behind its biggest competition “Avatar.” Although he takes great pride in being the force behind the most successful film of all time, Cameron also sincerely acknowledges his ex-wife Bigelow as “a brilliant director who deserves this recognition because she made a great film.”
That prophetic statement was made a couple of days before the 82nd Academy Awards, as he was being honored at the annual ICG Publicists’ Awards. Cameron was there to pick up his well-deserved Motion Picture Showman of the Year trophy. By his side, his wife Suzy Amis Cameron (an actress and inspiring educator who co-founded the progressive Muse school) also expressed her support of Bigelow. After meeting them, I believe they are all forward-thinking winners in filmmaking, technology, and commitment to making the world a better place.
The Publicists’ Awards hosted by Mario Lopez was buzzing with the latest showbiz news and a place to meet the best in the business, starting with the head of the International Cinematographers Guild, Steven Poster. There will be more about this great event in a future column, but for now, let me report that fun-loving Oscar®-nominee George Clooney was at the publicists’ luncheon. He was there to present an award to his PR guy, Stan Rosenfield, and George had the crowd roaring as he carried a bunch of gift bags on stage joking he had just run into Sarah Palin at a gifting suite.
Actually, many famous folks were seen making the rounds of the trendy celebrity gift lounges around town. A popular place was the WOW! Creations penthouse suite at the Luxe Hotel on Rodeo Drive, hosted by Mark and Matt Harris. The WOW! event was like a marketplace showcasing products for those who enjoy a luxury lifestyle. Among the celebrities were some Oscar® nominees, including Pete Docter, co-director of “Up,” plus producer Broderick Johnson, nominated for “The Blind Side.” The Oscar®-winning “Rocky” songwriter, Carol Connors, was also on hand seeing gal-pals such as “The Young and the Restless” star Kate Linder. KTLA’s Sam Rubin was there to get the scoop, along with “Heroes” Masi Oka, Kevin Sorbo, Rachel Hunter, Diedra Hall, Donna Mills, Chelsea Hightower, sweet “Celebrity Fit” star Shar Jackson, and funnyman-businessman Marty Ingels.

Suzy and James Cameron: The “Avatar” filmmaker won Showman of the Year at the ICG Publicists’ Awards.

The author-artist Kim Groshek was in the lounge launching her delightful “Bug’s Adventure” books for kids. Services offered included spray tans from Metropoli-Tan Studio, and deep muscular and joint massages courtesy of the L.A. Karaka Factory, a new salon due to open in L.A. this summer. Products by Kymaro were very popular, especially the body shapers, sunless tanning systems, and eyelash extension kits. Another great beauty product was Pursue skin care. T-shirt designs from FoxyV were really cool, as were the trendy TOCS watches, Experia high-tech socks, and Crystal McClendon Fine Chocolates.
The inventor of LipStix Remix, Jill Quillin, recently featured on “Shark Tank,” was showing off her great invention for rejuvenating old lipsticks. But she wasn’t the only one with a clever product. Joe Dipippo was presenting his innovative Hair-free self-cleaning hair brushes. And celebs got a kick out of the “Sendaball” greeting balls, a unique alternative to sending a birthday or greeting card; instead, you send a ball with a message on it. Of course everyone let out a big “wow” when they saw the jewelry from Karen London Designs, featuring show-stopping works of art, the perfect accessory to make any outfit look special.
WOW! Creations’ founders, twin brothers Mark and Matt Harris certainly showed all their guests a great time and made everyone feel like a winner.

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