People who bring ‘Joy to the World’

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For Christmas this reporter wants to put the spotlight on some special people who bring joy to the world. They are the angels among us— the magnificent ladies of the Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center Guild, who are dedicated to our community and improving life for so many.

Imagine a room full of merry little elves busy planning their work schedules for all their volunteering efforts at St. Joe’s in Burbank. Add the many hours it takes to create fundraising events throughout the year to provide much needed assistance for community health projects. That is what the Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center Guild is all about. The volunteer members work hard and have fun.

At the Guild general meeting before Thanksgiving, they took care of business with Kelly Linden, CEO of Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center, on hand to praise the Guild for the work they do. Linden emphasized, “We are so grateful for the Guild and the tremendous impact they have made over the years.”

The meeting ended with Santa Claus joining everyone for lunch. With eyes twinkling, the Guild’s Santa was petite, jolly and magical (thanks to the darling Maria Balke). Marian Enos took charge of the annual toy drive coordinated with the heroic Burbank firefighters. Marian said, “I get prickly goose bumps when I think about the good we are doing.” Maria Balke also deserves credit for planning the successful Fall Card Party. The Guild’s Christmas party at Lakeside was also a joy for the ladies thanks to the efforts of Jo Massimini.

Everyone with the Guild has an important job, and they all do it so well, especially when combining all their talents for their Spring fundraiser. The 2019 Spring Event is set for Sunday, April 7, at the Sheraton Universal, announced Donna Mahoney, Guild President and co-director of the event with Ollie Vick. It will be the most entertaining production featuring fantastic comedy and marvelous music. More details of this must-attend event are coming as everyone works towards making it very special and successful.

Now let’s give credit to all the officers in the Guild, starting with the Executive Board: President, Donna Mahoney; 1st Vice President, Patricia O’Donnell; 2nd Vice President, Patricia Cimo; Treasurer, Sharon Reid; Recording Secretary, Kathleen Marsden; Corresponding Secretary, Kristin Reiter; Finance, Maureen Walsh; Spring Event Director, Donna Mahoney; Gift Shop Chairwomen, Jackie Van Bevern and Maria Balke; Special Event, Kristin Reiter & Charleen Greene; Program Chairwoman, Patricia Scully; Press Chairwoman, Terry Campbell; and Parliamentarian, Ollie Vick.

Handling duties on the Board of Directors are Food Service, Lori Riela; Social, Norma Patino & Ollie Vick; Guild At A Glance, Marian Enos; Photographer, Norma Patino; Hours, Charlene Greene; and email and telephone, Sharon Grooms/Linda Hawkins. Special Projects Chairwomen: Directory, Donna Mahoney; Spring & Fall Card Parties Maria Balke, Judy McDowell and Erika Mayer; Christmas Party Jo Massimini; Installation Tea, Barbara O’Kane; Computer, Carol Murphy; Table Decorations, Ollie Vick; and Glance Mailing, Patricia Cimo.

All are formidable ladies who are my heroes and friends. It’s like being in a room full of my mother Mary Lou and my sister Mary Lou. All are women who get things done. All full of strength and grace.

Speaking of Grace—if the Guild did nothing else but introduce me to the amazing Grace Mylroie Patz, I will be forever grateful. Over the past years my Christmas column was about Grace celebrating her birthday. Born on Christmas Day 1913, Grace Mylroie Patz passed away peacefully in her Burbank home this year on May 20, at the age of 104. Yes, that’s 104. The amazing Grace was the belle of the ball at this April’s “Puttin’ On The Ritz” Spring Event, still sharp and full of zest, loving being around her family and friends. The Guild’s past President Julie McArdle called Grace her Guardian Angel.

I only knew her for the last 10 years of her very active life, but that was long enough for her to share the wisdom she gathered living a long and happy life. Her positive attitude philosophy was simple. “If you give happiness, it will come back to you. Plus, accept change and never give up,” the beloved redhead told me. And she never did, until Grace absolutely had no other choice but to join the people she loved. Bless her. Grace truly brought joy to the world.

Merry Christmas to all.

Margie Barron is a member of the Television Critics Association and has written for a variety of top publications for more than 38 years, and was half of the husband and wife writing team of Margie and Frank Barron.


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