Pondering in the Garden


Side Garden, full of veggies, jalapeños, red peppers, tomatoes, kale, and lettuce and herbs. Yum.

I want to Talk about my hodge-podge, my serenity spot, my garden. When my whirlwind of real life to-dos is making me tipsy, the garden clears the mind and all focus is on flowers. And on the produce and shrubs, and the passing parade of folks and critters in my sweet hood. So long to my sweet peas. A long goodbye to the varied multitude of sweet peas gone crazy. High, high, hanging over my neighbor’s fence, still pushing out the colors until the heat gets them down — literally. Can’t let it get me down.…

While working outside on the front, back, and side spaces of our home, clarity of thought allows me to ponder on what has and is happening and what is coming up. And to think about what’s for dinner and what I shouldn’t eat and David should. A best thing, really a key upside of yard work, is keeping oneself out of the kitchen. Need I say more?

Musings: I’m thinking about the big moon and the eclipse — it was awesome. Awesome, was George Lindsey, the goofy Goober, whose character will live on forever in Mayberry memories. Memories of Melissa Gilbert, whom I’ve known and loved since she arrived in the loving care of Barbara and Paul Gilbert. Melissa and my son John were just a few days apart when they were adopted and we shared all tot birthdays for years. She was so gorgeous and brave on Dancing with the Stars and I loved seeing her smile (thinking of her love in Paris). And, back to the garden, pondering my friend Joan Weber, the artist, who gave me a Julie Newmar rose, mainly because it was named after the luscious Julie (who went to John Marshall High with us). But also because it was so beautiful and lasting, like Julie, with pink and yellow petals. Love it. Joan has done a lot of pictures for David and me, and now she’s doing animal portraits. Contact her via the web (joanweberart), for a perfect gift for a dog lover who doesn’t need anything.

Front garden, a gift for those who stroll by.

Participating in the Revlon Walk, supporting my cousin Lois Tibben, made me lucky and happy. I walked with the first SAG-AFTRA team, which totally tickled.

Attending the first SAG-AFTRA National Board Meeting, held last weekend, gave me chills and thrills and when I’m allowed to discuss these issues, I will!

So, while weeding, I’m humming tunes from Shenandoah.…


It’s hard to believe that the, much honored, Musical Theatre Guild is concluding its 16th season. I’ll be there for their final show this season, the breathtaking Shenandoah, featuring their company of first class professionals who work for the pleasure of keeping the American Musical alive.

Valley Girls Patty Paul and Carole Kline are coordinating the production of this very special show. They are long term members of this non-profit and prolific company that has mounted many (many!) musicals that haven’t been seen much lately, but richly deserve to be presented. I am a part of their grateful audience, and can’t wait for their next season!

Here’s a heads up for mutual musical fans, google Musical Theatre Guild and get the data on Shenandoah and for the next season. You’ll be enchanted. (I’m still high from their brilliant Little Women, staring the most magical Eileen Barnett. It brought much laughter and deeply felt tears.) They only have two performances: Monday evening, June 11, at the Alex in Glendale, and their final show on Sunday afternoon, June 17, at the fine Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza’s Scherr Forum.

This is a passionate and rousing musical and these so called staged readings, are done very much on their feet, and barely with script. There is witty dancing and fantastic singing.

Which brings to mind a recent production with autistic children….

Friendship Quest & It’s a Mad, Mad World of Miracles

These two original Musicals were presented by The Miracle News Network. This is where Autism the Musical was born. The shows were more than inspiring; they entertained and thrilled the audiences. I’m especially proud of my young friend Dashiell Chandler. He has performed in five Miracle projects and this year, he co-wrote a song that lifted my heart sooooooooooooo … another reason to go to the internet — fascinating!

So, back to the garden, plant, cut, trim, water, harvest with constant time to ponder.

We’ll Talk….

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