Purveyors of Unfulfilled Dreams


We have been re-reading a fascinating book, A Deadly Game by Catherine Crier, about a true sociopath. The Scott Peterson story is a number one New York Times bestseller.

We became so fascinated with sociopaths while reading this story, since so many young girls are looking for “Mr. Right” in all the wrong places. We did some research of our own on how to detect a true sociopath who may be in our midst at this very moment attending a cocktail party and oozing charm, hosted by an unsuspecting friend.

The following exclusive story is taken from our own notes and should be entitled “A Word of Warning.” That good looking young man in his elegantly tailored tweed suit or tuxedo could just turn out to be your Mr. Sociopath in disguise. So ladies beware!

These purveyors of unfulfilled dreams are conning and manipulative, refusing to recognize the rights of others. They appear as charming and grandiose, yet in reality are domineering and view their victims as targets for their own personal gain. Often they become hostile and humiliate their victims into being used while caught up in their romantic powers to deceive and control.

They have shallow emotions, with a deep lack for remorse that is replaced with what appears to be love and compassion. Attaching themselves to you like parasites, they can change their identity as quickly as they can change their suit. The concern they show is not genuine even though it seems they are joyful and warm towards you, on the inside they are cold and cunning and full of broken promises, because of their incapacity of love.

Oftentimes and for no apparent reason they will have verbal as well as physical outbursts that become normal commonplace, because of their need for self stimulation caused by their repressed rage of remorse or guilt. It is not uncommon for them to be secretly promiscuous, indulging in rape, child abuse, and the unimaginable. They may often be found at the race track or in a back room poker game, gambling away your inheritance they have managed to sequester away from you with their charmed finesse.

They want you to believe they are the wonderful and magnificent all powerful “Wizard of Oz,” ready to grant you every wish, only to dole out their occasional expressions of approval and love causing you to become more and more addicted to their abuse, mistaking it for true love. This is what stimulates them: heaping mounds of contempt and distress on you non-stop as their hold on you becomes stronger. Watching and waiting; like a giant spider to see how long they can keep you on the edge while they suck you dry of all your emotions and finances.

They have no conscience or empathy whatsoever and often alienate your friends with cruel and cunning remarks laced with deceit. They are cruel to animals of all kinds and will blame others for these acts completely without remorse and think nothing of the repercussions this may cause in wrecking someone’s life or dream for these acts of cruelty they have committed. None of which they see as wrong, because of their callousness that impacts others.

They tend to avoid the law by seeking out people who will admire them and tolerate their strange tyrannical behavior and paranoia as normal eccentricity. They’re experienced in just about everything and can take on any job or situation with confidence and ease, when in reality their only experience is parting you from your money and then they quickly vanish. Whoosh!

So ladies beware! At your next social gathering you may very well be dazzled by that charming and flattering handsome fellow in the custom made suit and fancy sedan, ready to whisk you off your feet. Your future husband could just turn out to be Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!

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