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Part One

Skye Lawrence wishes you a very Happy Christmas or, as they say in

We want to talk about the return to our honeymoon isle and the truth of the adage, “everything old is new again”, including us.

David: Six years, 11 months and 29 days after our honeymoon in Hawaii Jackie and I climbed into our rented convertible and happily drifted to the elegant entrance of The Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa. We were three days away from our seven year itch – our 7th wedding anniversary.

We were welcomed in the Aloha spirit, gifted with leis and led to our ocean front accommodation where a chilled bottle of champagne and Maui chips and chocolates awaited, a celebratory offering from Jocelyn Brucker, the Sheraton’s generous PR manager. We went immediately to our balcony, took deep breaths of the sweet pure air and gazed at the glorious sight in front of us.

Manicured Technicolor-green lawns bordered crimson cone flowers, endless plumerias and tall palms swaying in the warm breeze stretched to the sands of, for us, the best beach in Ka’anapali.

The ocean here is calm, crystal clear and the deepest blue, with soft sand. The environment is perfect for snorkeling, swimming and snoozing. To our right was the historic, foreboding Black Rock rose high into the perfect sky both frightening and protecting. This was the scene of the nightly ceremony of the Tiki torch lighting and the daring cliff dive to mark the history of this romantic spot in the luscious State of Hawaii. Paradise for a honeymoon, memorable for an anniversary.

Jackie: I must admit my heels were dragging heading for this trip. David decided to go back to Maui, which I am passionate about, at a time when there is so much to do preparing for Christmas. Shopping, wrapping, cleaning, cooking, shopping, inviting, attending and did I say shopping? Luckily, he prevailed and when I stepped off the plane, Maui had me at first breath. The tempo of the Sheraton brings a quiet spirit and instant relaxation. Peace much needed. And one can actually shop in Maui, as demonstrated daily. And nightly! But walking on a beach is my all time favorite thing to do, the sea calms me and reminds how vast the oceans are and how small my worries are. There is a beach walk from the Sheraton that is glorious. More than a mile of beautiful vistas. It’s a short walk to the Whalers Village with superb stores in all ranges of fun and fashion. (A special L&L Travel Tip: Winter is a perfect time for a Maui trip. No crowds, no long lines. Lots of space and plenty of off-season bargains. Many 50% discounts at fine dining spots and promotions at the best resorts.) The Starwood Maui Resorts offer the “Stay At One, Dine At All” program where you stay at one property and enjoy the varied dining and spa options. As we did! Dining and spa-ing. David will rhapsodize …

David: Our days were bright, sun-drenched and without rain; our nights were star-sprinkled black with gentle breezes. And twice weekly, our balcony was the perfect place to be entertained by the Luau singers and dancers as well as the nightly sounding of the ancient horn signaling the torch lighting and cliff diving ceremonies. Our big day arrived with surprises when Jacqueline took me by the hand early on the morning and walked me down the beach to the Sheraton’s sister hotel, The Westin, where we honeymooned seven years ago. We had a fortuitous meeting with an old friend, Craig Anderson, the Westin’s general manager, coffee-d and got caught up. Then my wife took me up to introduce me to my astonishing gift — a day at the Heavenly Spa, a whole parade of treatments beginning with a couples massage in a private cabana on the edge of the ocean, followed by a sugar (!) rub and a Vichy Shower and a (gulp!) facial. Now, that facial, friends and neighbors, is like Paris in April. Holy ecstasy, Batman; I’ve found heaven. Finally, a manicure and pedicure. I am now a new man, though an old husband. Mahalo, (thank you) Jacqueline. You are what Rodgers & Hart meant when they wrote “I Married An Angel.“

Jackie: I flapped my wings back to our Sheraton haven, where we spent our lucky anniversary lazing on a private cabana for two by the sea with short steps to the enchanting Pacific that lifted and embraced — and that’s all you need to know! At least for now. Much more Maui to come next column. For now, Aloha; we’ll travel…

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