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The universe is good at giving us clues as to what we need to look at within ourselves, our lives, our behavior, or our thoughts, especially when we need to make a change in one of these areas.
There are those of us who keep repeating the same action, and continually expect to see a different result. No matter how frustrated we get, we continue to push ourselves, others, and our circumstances, with the hopes that something or somebody will change. Unfortunately, it will not happen because we have not been either open, flexible or willing to make the necessary changes to empower ourselves to be more successful in what we are doing to bring positive change in our lives.
Physical items and possessions can be overwhelming to the mind and block our ability to thrive, just as much as the mental garbage, or clutter, can block us emotionally and energetically. It keeps us from being productive, prosperous and content.
I confess. I was not blessed with the best organizational skills. My girlfriend, Laura, was going to have a garage sale. This was a perfect opportunity for me to get rid of the items which clutter both my house and my mind; items which have allowed me to remain stuck, and have kept me from accomplishing what I want in my life, from bringing in new and wonderful possibilities and even from acquiring material possessions.
I was procrastinating, though, and not making cleaning out my home a priority. This morning I was feeling lazy, and my mind was filled with the clutter of what I needed to do, what I’m not doing, and on and on. I flipped channels on the T.V. and landed at a reality show. The program looked interesting; the subject was hoarding. It depicted people who cannot physically let go of material possessions, described how hoarding is a mental illness and told of the destruction it causes in lives.
“Well,” I thought, “I’m not as bad as all that!” But, as I watched this program, it was dawning on me that there are a lot of things I own that I never use, and that I have files and piles of excess paper.
I decided to pull a card from my Animal Totem cards to see what the message was for me today. I shuffled the cards, spread them out, and chose one. It was Squirrel Medicine. The card was upside down. Squirrel Medicine means “gathering.” Gathering can be viewed in the positive or the negative, depending upon what one is holding onto or gathering in life. In the reverse, or upside down position, it means hoarder; a fearful person who is stuck in waiting, stagnation and erratic energy that leads to nowhere (going around in circles), and scarcity. Wow! The universe was making it abundantly clear to me that I needed to do some heavy cleansing to let go of all that is holding me back from my prosperity and fulfillment in life. I need to really focus on what I want, what is important for my welfare and peace of mind, and have the faith and trust that the universe will always provide for me.
The message was also letting me know that I’m allowing the “stinking thinking” to get the best of me. It fogs my brain, and drags me down mentally, physically and financially. I’ve been waiting for things in my life to change on their own, so I could feel more flow with what I want to experience or have in life. For four years now I have not bothered to buy a screen door for my back door. I’ve been holding back, waiting, due to scarcity; I’ve been holding back on funds. I have wanted the screen door but I haven’t purchased one because I wasn’t sure of how long I’d be in this house. Yet I cannot tell you how much energy and frustration has gone into my minds questioning of what I should do: Do I buy? Or not buy? Will I be staying? Will I not? The questions going around and around in a circle in my mind… and here I am, four years later!
The screen door would cost me maybe around $100.00. There would be many benefits to having the door. The door would allow a wonderful, fresh breeze to flow through the house, and cut my need for the air conditioner, thereby reducing my electricity usage and bill. The ability to leave the door open would bring more sunlight into my home.
The universe showed me that if I want to get out of this funk of feeling stuck mentally, of waiting to make decisions and take action, then I have to be open to removing the obstacles that have gathered into my life physically and mentally. These obstacles are preventing a better outcome for me. If I want the experiences I create in my life to be positive and enjoyable, then I have to be open and flexible in trusting to let go of all that does not work for, or benefit, me.
If you need a change in your life, on any level, the universe will assist you by sending messages directly to you through your thoughts and experiences, and indirectly through other sources, to help you recognize what you need to do to take action in your life.
Create a better outcome and be more empowered and fulfilled in the life you lead! Be aware of what the universe is showing you right now, so you may have peace, happiness and success. Remember to be willing to take a chance on being open, flexible and trusting, to allow the magnificence of the universe to bless your life in ways you probably cannot imagine.
I’m off now to buy my new screen door, and then to go through my home to gather up items for Laura’s yard sale!

With love, gratitude and
Sandy Smith

Sandy Smith is a psychic, medium and healer for individuals and pets. She can be reached at (800) 579-4622, or by emailing You can also visit her Web site at

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