Simple Pleasures: The Little Things in Life


I want to share with you the most magnificent experience I have had in a very long time. This morning, as I was out in my back yard washing down my patio, my focus was on the beauty of the morning: the wonderful fragrances permeating the air and the warm, relaxing sun melting away the tension in my body from a busy week.
I was starting to get caught up in the joy of summer approaching when, to my amazement, here comes a hummingbird! He flew so close to me that I could see the detail in his little face. While suspended in front of me, he cocked his head a little to the right, so that he was looking at me, or so it appeared he was, which was good enough for me. I got goose bumps all over my body as I observed the slick, glistening softness of his feathers, the details of his beautiful face and the sweetness in his eyes. I distinctly noticed his little wings fluttering, as the hummingbird was no more than two feet away from me!
The experience felt as though it went on for at least five minutes, though in reality may have been only seconds. I was in awe of the moment with this beautiful, sweet, little creature — one of God’s many loving gifts to mankind.
As he flew away, I went into my office to sit and chart this experience when, to my surprise, the hummingbird circled around my patio and popped up on the other side of my window! I cannot begin to tell all of you just how honored I felt for this tiny little blessing in my life on this beautiful day. His appearance brought me much happiness and touched my heart.
Looking at all that is going on in the world today – taxation, financial difficulty, emotional overload, jobs insecurity and physical security  threatened due to potential loss of home foreclosures – many are deeply affected, or know someone who has been affected. I believe fear and disappointment are being generated in our world at a greater rate now than since 9/11. We have been hit harder economically and socially than probably any of us ever recall.
It’s important that we do everything we can individually to remember the simple pleasures in life. Sometimes we have to look really deep within ourselves for it, and other times the universe allows it to just appear, such as in the case of my little hummingbird.
The hummingbird, in Shamanic practice, means joy. When it appears in our life, it is coming to remind us to “lighten up” and not take life so seriously; to find happiness in all that we do and in who we are. I always associate the hummingbird with miracles because a hummingbird seems a miracle in itself: it can fly in any direction – up, down, backwards and forwards; it can hover in one spot and appear to be motionless, as if it is standing still; and it feeds from the nectar of life. The hummingbird has a gentle, loving energy.
Attempt to remember today, as you journey about in the world, to allow yourself to be in the moment. If you stay in the moment, you cannot be thinking about what has happened in the past, or about what may happen in the future. You are absolutely present, in the here and now. Be flexible. Relax. Smile. Look for joy in your life. Be open to the new and wonderful gifts the universe delivers into your path. Acknowledge them. Look for simple pleasures in life, such as going for a walk — without the iPod! Without the electronics, you can actually tune-in and experience your surroundings, the wonderful smells from the flowers, trees and fresh cut grass, and be observant of the all that is around you. By acknowledging and appreciating what we are given, we are given that much more.

Sandy Smith is a psychic, medium and healer for individuals and pets. She can be reached at (800) 579-4622, or by emailing her at You can also visit her Web site at

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