Spending Kevin Nealon’s Birthday at His MRF Celebrity Golf Classic


It’s not every day that you get to spend celebrities’ birthdays with them.

From l, Kevin Nealon, Suzanne DeLaurentiis, Tim Turnham, and Joe Pesci at second annual Celebrity Golf Classic to benefit the Melanoma Research Foundation.

From l, Kevin Nealon, Suzanne DeLaurentiis, Tim Turnham, and Joe Pesci at second annual Celebrity Golf Classic to benefit the Melanoma Research Foundation.

But we were fortunate to hang with birthday boy Kevin Nealon at the Lakeside Golf Club, where he hosted his second annual Melanoma Research Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic, in association with Suzanne Delaurentiis Productions. “I couldn’t think of anything better than this – to give back a little bit. It’s more like re-gifting than giving back. I’m just going to have a fun day with my friends, help raise awareness, and go home and be with my family.

“Being on the course is like meditation for me. I’m not that concerned about my game. Every once in a while, I hit a good shot, I’m happy!”

The Weeds actor lost a good friend to melanoma. “He noticed a spot on his back and it became too much. It was incurable.”

Nealon’s still in touch with his former colleagues. “David Spade is here today. I talk to Dana Carvey all the time. I see Jon Lovitz around.”

Wallaroo Hat Company designed fun hats for sun protection. “You think about a baseball cap and you can still get burn on your ears,” said DC based MRF Chief Tim Turnham. “Even women with long hair have to watch as the sun can get through and cause melanoma.”

Richard Karn, in colorful “Loudmouth” Bermudas, took the day off from rehearsals of The Pasadena Playhouse’s Aladdin’s Winter Wish with Ben Vereen and Bruce Vilanch. (It opens Dec 11.) “I play Jasmine’s dad. That’s why I decided I’d grow this beard.”

Re golf, “Once you get to a point in your game where you feel comfortable with not being Arnold Palmer, you’re hitting the ball good and bad. Your mind is thinking. You’re out there with friends (a bestie is Tim Allen). I did his newest show a couple of times last year, which was fun.”

No one could forget Kim Cattrall’s Sex and the City lover, James Remar (most recently Dexter and Private Practice). “We brought out the best in each other. She’s a tough actress and very professional. I like to think of myself the same way. The two characters were at the top of their game. It was like ‘Clash of the Titans,’ so to speak. I had to be on my best behavior.”

Remar, in Bermudas, quit smoking 10 years ago. “I think that helps my skin, as well as drinking lots of water and seeing your dermatologist about skin tags, if an issue when older.”

Kevin Farley, who opens pal David Spade’s comedy act, participated. Farley had several family members with the disease. Spade, sporting a beard and mustache, seemed more interested in golfing, than interviewing. However he told us about his weekend – a Jimmy Kimmel variety show and practicing for this tournament.

Joe Pesci quietly entered without fanfare.

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