A proud Tolucan, Tracy Wallace is the cyclone of energy behind the successful 25th Anniversary dinner of the Shelter Partnership.

I want to talk about the webs we weave. And we’re not the only ones. It looks like silk worms are laying gauze over all greens, but no. While tending the garden or just roaming to enjoy others, I see battalions of gung ho little spiders draping trees or anything on which they swing and cling. They also crawl into little pipes in gas barbeques. Busy. I walk with a divining rod, waving at the air to clear a path. A sticky subject.

FRITZ: I’m intrigued how people can be woven into so many arenas of our lives.

On example is Fritz Coleman, our friendly Weatherman/Mayor of Toluca Lake. He is spinning and weaving a web of community, information, entertainment and good deeds in so many venues: From KNBC News, to preparing for his one-man show at the El Portal, to helping the homeless and hungry via the fantastic Shelter Partnership.

I love Shelter Partnership. For starters, the Mission Statement: Shelter Partnership, Inc. is dedicated to alleviating, preventing and ending homelessness by assisting in the development of short-term and transitional housing programs, affordable housing, and supportive services for the homeless and potentially homeless throughout Los Angeles County. They have been a leader in the fight against homelessness, and the agency accomplishes its mission through the following activities: Operating the S. Mark Taper Foundation Shelter Resource Bank by soliciting large-scale donations of merchandise and ensuring that these items are delivered to the people and agencies who need them most; Providing technical assistance to community-based organizations and public agencies (helping agencies receive more than $870 million in federal funds); Conducting research and publishing analytical studies to inform public policy; and promoting community education of homelessness and the creation of permanent, affordable housing.

Thanks to Toluca Lake resident Tracy Wallace, who is a moving force for the Partnership, I’ve been woven in. Their Resource Bank, in the city of Bell, is a thing of hope. Many of see the homeless and feel helpless and ashamed for our lack of being able to reach out and help. The Shelter Partnership is a way for us to contribute and to directly help this seemingly hopeless situation. Check their website and be overwhelmed. And hopeful.

And here’s a Save the Date for An Evening with Fritz Coleman. Aug 19-22.

A Web of Tow Trucks: I am in a spin over a parking ticket! An un-seeable sign in Hollywood was way down the street from my amazing parking space and covered by a hovering distant tow-truck (S&J Wilshire Tow–Boo). As I came out of a commercial interview I noticed a fellow actress on the phone in distress due to her car being towed away. I was offering a ride home when I saw my car being towed. I ran out to rescue it but they wouldn’t unhook it until I wrote out a check for $209.50. (I pointed out that there was no sign telling me not to park, and they said I should have known not to.) To top it off, I got a ticket for $150. For parking in an Anti-Gridlock zone. Who knew? I’m sure they knew that it was hard to see the signage because a little row of tow-trucks were lined up waiting. I took pictures with my phone of the lack of signage in my view. Will I get out of this? Time will tell, but with the city’s budget in deep Dutch, perhaps I’ll not count on it. So, beware of tow-truck stalking.

We’ll stalk — I mean,

we’ll talk…

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