Star Hair Styles: Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus.

Drawing inspiration from the hair style trends of our favorite stars and celebrities has become a national pastime. One such star whose hair style has inspired teen girls around the world is America’s teen sweetheart and Toluca Lake resident, Miley Cyrus. There are television stars, movie stars, rock stars, celebrities, personalities and style trend-setters; Miley Cyrus is all of those wrapped up in one!

To Get the Look
Have you dreamed of having a pop-star hair style? If that’s the case, take a hair styling lesson from Miley Cyrus and make your dream come true. To get the look, let’s take it one step at a time; starting with a style cut and shaping.

Let’s Shape It
Start with a layered silhouette for volume and long face framing bangs. This versatile style suits most face shapes and is the perfect style for adding extra length with “Hair Extensions.”  With a few adjustments (trims), as it grows you can find the ideal length and shape for your style.

Let’s Style It
To put your style in motion, start with Hanna Montana shampoo and conditioner, Miley’s favorite.  After, add a puff of your favorite styling mousse or dab of shaping gel for style support. Comb either through damp hair, let it dry au natural, or toss your hair over and give it a quick blow dry for volume. If your locks look dry or frizzy after a blow dry, a dab of styling cream will tame it. For a pop-star look, try a few turns around a styling iron or a handful of steam rollers and you’re ready to rock!

Let’s Add Makeup

What’s a pop-star hair style without makeup and accessories? To create a natural glow without too much color, a cream stick blush is applied to the cheeks for that “just pinched” look. Add Maybelline black liquid eyeliner, eye shadow, lash and brow mascara, a pink lip gloss, and you’ve got the look! Top it off with small diamond studs, large white-rimmed sun glasses paired with a chic peace sign T-shirt, tight back jeans, brown boots, a square-tipped French manicure, and you rock, girl!

Let’s Add Length
If you’ve dreamed of having a long hair style like Miley, adding Hair Extensions for extra length can make your dream a reality. Extensions are available in any length, thickness, texture and color. The best hair extensions are made of the finest virgin European hair, so they can be curled and colored allowing you to treat them exactly as you would your own natural hair. Extensions are hidden under the top layer and may be temporarily attached with a clip or glued to individual strands close to the scalp. For a natural look, extensions must match your hair color and texture. Add Paris Hilton “Dream Catcher” hair extensions to your pop-star style and make your fantasy a reality.

Now, Let’s Color It
Miley takes her hair color to a new dimension by mixing equal parts “pop-star” with spunky down-home girl. To get the look, start with a L’Oreal Mahogany brown tint and add thick contrasting Honey blonde streaks with a foil weaving technique to create the illusion of volume and dimension. This will cost a few extra dollars so you may want to get a part-time job after school to cover the expense. But hey, it’s a small price to pay for a “pop-star color” and all the attention you’ll get!

Miley’s Pop-Star Style has made your dream come true. And it’s easy to style; just comb and go or quick blow dry is all it takes. For a “pop-star” look, a few turns with your styling iron or a handful of steam rollers, and you’re ready to rock! Its shapely silhouette with long face-framing bangs and hair extensions hidden under the top layer instantly adds a thicker look and the long hair style of your dreams. The warm Mahogany brown hue and Honey blonde streaks add body and a sun-kissed look. You’re sure to get rave reviews and your girl friends will scream, “OMG you rock, girl!” when you show up with Miley’s “pop-star” hair color and style.

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