Superior Jeweler Offers Great Deals, Variety of Merchandise


By Rick Bell

Men’s Two-Toned Rolex Submariner.

Here is a not-so-typical holiday gift list.

A pre-owned Submariner Rolex with Two Toned Band.

A football autographed by Johnny Unitas, Gayle Sayers and Larry Csonka.

A pair of 14kt white gold diamond dangle earrings.

An 1852 “Liberty Head” $2.50 gold coin minted in San Francisco.

Where can you find all of these high end items in one place?

Superior Gold & Diamond Exchange on Ventura Boulevard in Woodland Hills sells a wide variety of jewelry, diamonds, fine watches, rare coins, bullion and collectibles. And, with affiliates in Dallas and Charleston, South Carolina, they are able to offer their clients new and pre-owned items at wholesale prices. That Rolex, for example, lists at over $11,000, while a pre-owned Submariner at SGDE sells for only $4,995.

They also buy gold, jewelry and collectibles, which can be an even more vital service in an economic climate where many face tough financial decisions. Of course, the buyers at SGDE also provide solutions to situations which have nothing to do with hardship.

“I see a lot of people like the lady who was just here,” said SGDE’s Jane Fernicola. “She had some gold rings; some had precious stones – a couple diamonds, a couple rubies. Her kids don’t want that jewelry. It’s just sitting around and she said that rather than have them fight over it when she’s gone, she’s going to sell it and give them the money.”

According to Fernicola, SGDE has seen a significant increase in the number of people selling valuables due to the record high prices of gold and silver.”

“Our customers bring us everything from broken gold chains to loose diamonds and rare coins. We buy anything of value and we’re able to pay the highest prices in the Valley,” she said.

The company also offers clients investment grade gold and silver bullion as well as rare coins.

“Many investors are looking for ways to diversify their portfolios in order to protect themselves from a weakening dollar, inflation or the roller coaster ride of the stock market,” said Ervin Lee in the Bullion and Rare Coin Department.

“Hard assets like gold, silver and rare coins provide a balance to their dollar-denominated holdings.”

Superior Gold & Diamond Exchange and its various predecessors have been serving southern Californians since 1930. Third-generation jeweler and Gallery Director, Edward Dubinsky explains, though, that the company’s success is not just about the products and services they offer.

“We treat people right,” Dubinsky said. “We take care of them, we don’t pressure anybody and we have a tremendous amount of repeat business. Our customers don’t just come back one or two times. They come back all the time.”

Superior Gold & Diamond Exchange also performs jewelry repairs on site.

Superior Gold and Diamond Exchange is located at 20011 Ventura Blvd (just East of Winnetka) in Woodland Hills. For more information, call (818) 444-8699, e-mail or visit

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