Swedish actress Annica Liljeblad inspires women to achieve at any age

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By Gail Moss

Appearing in The Square,  an Oscar nominated feature for Best Foreign Film,  Annica Liljeblad plays Sonja, assistant to a museum director attempting to display a controversial piece titled “The Square.”  She says, “Sonja is what we would call in Sweden, a proper woman.”

Liljeblad, playing opposite Elisabeth Moss, Dominic West and Claes Bank, in writer/director Ruben Östlund’s colorful art world drama (winner of the Palme d’Or at Cannes and Best Director in Sweden), was handpicked for the role of Sonja by Östlund himself.  “Ruben remembered me from my years as a host on Swedish TV,” she says. On the audition process: “It ended in a two hour improv session with Ruben that was very fun.”

‘I want to prove that you can achieve what your heart tells you, regardless of age.’

–Annica Liljeblad

“This was the best role of my life,” Liljeblad revealed. “Even if I never get another, I would be happy.” She admits doing the film was hard work, “But there were no divas on the set,” and Moss was like a sister to her from the start. Östlund demanded many takes because he wanted to get to the raw emotion of a scene.

Liljeblad’s passion is acting, so there will be plenty more roles for her, including her next movie, Som Visserligen Inte Lever Längre, a Swedish-Canadian film in English. “I have always wanted to act,” Liljeblad shares, but it took the encouragement of her husband when she was at an age when most women in Hollywood would never dream of beginning a career, or for that matter trying to continue one.

Liljeblad proclaims, “I want to be a great inspiration for women. I want to prove that you can achieve what your heart tells you, regardless of age. I’m so happy I did it.”

She cares not whether she has the lead part, only that she will be “acting until I take my last breath.”


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