Sweet Spirits, my mail has been stacking up in my absence


So I will get right to a couple of your letters. And whether I have a lot of mail accumulated or not, please continue to write to me, as I always enjoy lending the help of the spirit world in this column.

Dear Kenny,
I’m really at my wit’s end and hope you can help me. My husband is an alcoholic. He’s been in and out of rehab twice. It works for awhile but never lasts.
It’s affecting the whole family. We have two children—a girl, 15, and a boy, 13. I believe they’re starting to really turn against their father. Can you suggest anything? Do you ever see him stopping?

Thank you,

Dear Sweet Spirit Beth,
I can offer you the advice I’ve given to my many clients over the years, and they tell me it’s been most successful.
First, I urge you and your husband to stop labeling him an “alcoholic.” I know this goes against some advice he’s previously been given but my spirit guides tell me that placing a label on someone, whether it’s “alcoholic” “drug addict” or whatever, imprints a negative stamp on the brain that’s hard to overcome.
Instead, I ask the two of you to acknowledge that he has a drinking problem—a problem with alcohol. This offers hope that the problem can be solved.
I sense that your husband is a good man at heart. I’m sure he’s made promises to you in the past about quitting drinking or even promises to himself.
This time, ask him to promise a favorite loved one on the other side—someone he’d want to be proud of him. Each time he reaches for the bottle, tell him to think of that loved one and ask them to send him strength.
Our loved ones in spirit are eager to help us. They don’t stop loving us and protecting us because they’ve passed on. I believe that by involving the spirit world and by removing the negative label from his condition, your husband will indeed recover completely and you’ll once again be a happy family, Beth.

Dear Kenny,
I don’t know whether to move from my apartment or what to do. After work I enjoy sitting down and reading at home.
Quite frequently I hear a light pounding sound in my den which is next to the living room where I’m trying to read. I immediately lay the book down and go directly to the den but I see nor feel nothing. Yet I know in my heart that I heard the noise and that there’s someone there who’s come to visit me from the other side. I’m a true believer. I haven’t really lost many friends or family members, though, so I don’t know who it could be.
I like my apartment very much and don’t want to move. It’s in the heart of Hollywood where I can see the Hollywood sign. At one time I wanted to be an actress but now I’m 45-years-old and fear it’s too late for me to start a career in show business.
I’ve watched you on TV so often for so very many years. I’d have to call you a legend. Not that you’re that old but my grandmother adored you and my mother never misses you when she knows you’re on radio or TV. So I’m putting their trust and mine in you. Please help me with this noise.

A faithful follower and true believer,

Dear Louise,
Firstly, what would you accomplish by moving? If it’s indeed a spirit trying to give you a message, I feel that this loved one need not be feared by you. They would follow you wherever you moved, with only good intentions.
Please get a red-colored candle (dinner-style and non-scented to avoid distractions) and place it in an area in the den where you can relax and talk to the spirit regularly.
I feel psychically that, when you ask the Sweet Spirit to let you know who they are, you will be extremely pleased at their identity and know that this spirit is protecting you.
Light the candle for only 5 minutes at a time, perhaps 2 or 3 times in the evening. As I write this letter, I feel very strongly it was a school chum of yours in 3rd or 4th grade who passed away quickly.
When you light the candle, think of your happy days in school. I feel that very shortly you’ll know who the spirit is and be able to communicate with them. I can almost see you smiling and saying, “Welcome.” I feel that this is a female who has something to do with the initials “B,” “L” or “M.”
Be relaxed and know that no negative vibrations can touch you, and repeat that saying several times while burning your candle.
Your spirit friend merely wants to re-connect with you and could perhaps become a guide for you. When you establish a regular communication time with the spirit, you can then go back to the living room and read in peace; they will realize that you also need the time alone to enjoy your hobby.
By no means should you move. This would be escaping and there’s no need for it. This is a good spirit who simply wants to communicate with you. And I feel from the vibrations on your letter that if you ask them, they’ll give you the strength and know-how to pursue a career in show business if you still truly want to. By no means is it too late!

Personally handwrite a letter to Kenny, seal and mail it yourself, then look for his answer in a future issue. Send your question to: Kenny Kingston, PO Box 1857, Studio City, CA 91614. For more information on Kenny Kingston, visit www.kennykingston.org.

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