The Buckley School Expands Robotics Program


Robotics & Applied Sciences classroom at The Buckley School.

As The Buckley School, a K-12 independent school in Sherman Oaks, unveiled a new building and other campus renovations this fall, an exciting new space for the school’s growing robotics program quickly became a popular spot. The school’s new Robotics & Applied Sciences classroom is a state-of-the-art, dedicated space for Buckley’s robotics team.

“Robotics is one of the critical programs as we prepare students for the 21st century,” said Dr. Larry Dougherty, Head of School. “The students apply their skills of mathematics and science in ways that lead them to become great engineers, entrepreneurs, and scientists.”

Robotics has long been an extracurricular option for high school students and part of the eighth grade science curriculum. But the program began a significant expansion last year when a robotics elective was added to theUpperSchoolcurriculum. In 2012, Buckley’s team grew by 50 percent to 39 members, and earned the prestigious Engineering Excellence and GM Industrial Design awards at FIRST Robotics competitions.

In addition, last year a robotics class was added to theLowerSchoolafterschool program, quickly becoming a student favorite. And beginning this year, robotics will be a part of the fourth and fifth grade science curricula.

With a strong focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), the Buckley community eagerly awaits its Science andMathematicsBuilding, slated to open next fall.

Visit the Buckley robotics club website at

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