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By Marina Anderson

Marina Anderson, actress, published bestselling author, ordained minister, and spiritual counselor.

Marina Anderson, actress, published bestselling author,
ordained minister, and spiritual counselor.

Sometimes all it takes is a smile or someone offering to open a door when I’m doing a balancing act with an armful of packages or even offering to extend a deadline on something forgotten about to make my day … to feel better about … everything.

If you keep yourself open to inspiration in the smallest forms, it can bring great rewards to your soul, emotions, and physical being.

I found myself in one of those huge warehouse type stores to get just one item I ran out of. The money I saved for the kitty litter per year was more than worth the membership, however I’d groan every time I thought of making the trek, facing the crowds.…

OK … So there I am in line leaning in an exhausted heap over my shopping cart and I began to focus on the three women in front of me. It dawned on me that they appeared to be a mirror image of what my mother, grandmother, and I used to look like and do together when we went shopping. The elder even wore her hair like my “Nana.” Three generations sharing a not-so-glamorous or memorable space in time. Or at least that’s what it felt like at that time in my life. But it was different now. This image hit me. I realized how very special the ordinary was.

I was suddenly emotionally overwhelmed with tears welling up in my eyes. Longing to have another conversation with “Nana” … listening to her broken Italian accent. The three women carried on in their chatter of the day as we shuffled forward slowly in line. I wondered if they knew and appreciated what they had.

It was all I could do to hold my emotions in check, even looking away pretending I had an itchy nose to wipe away the tears that escaped. It was just as I dared to glance back at the trio with a meek smile, the elder said something to her daughter, who shook her head affirming and then spoke to me. What? I apologized; I didn’t know what she meant.

The granddaughter translated. She wanted me to go ahead of them in line. That’s something my Nana would have done. The elder gestured again. I nodded with a big appreciative smile thanking her.

They all smiled back as I repositioned myself in line. Reaching the register, I remembered earlier that day, I received free samples of a great hair product at the beauty supply store. It was from one of the regular sales girls who adored my beloved collie, Lulu, who I used to bring into the store. There were four samples … one for each of them and me too. How perfect was that?

Handing the ladies the little “thank you” samples, I felt complete. They were delighted looking over the packaging, nodding approvingly.

It made my day.

Upon my return home, I phoned up a couple of my “senior” women friends including my mother, to let them know how much they mattered to me.

What’s inspired you?

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