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What to make of President Barack Obama?  After six years of his presidency, our economy hasn’t recovered; our health care system (once the envy of the world) is unraveling; our coal industry is about to be decimated; veterans are dying thanks to a corrupt VA system; the IRS has become Obama’s personal SS troopers, targeting his political opponents and getting away with it; tens of thousands of Latin American minors keep flooding over the border into our country; and barbaric Islamic terrorism is on the rise across the Middle East and North Africa. And Obama keeps playing golf and doing fund-raisers.

Meanwhile, the scandals and screw-ups keep coming, and with each new scandal the reaction is always the same, feigned outrage and the promise “to get to the bottom of it.” Obama never gets to the bottom of anything except maybe the bottom of the golf cup when he picks up his ball. Sort of reminds me of when O.J. Simpson promised to search high and low to find “the real killer.”

When a scandal rears up, President Obama is like Will Rogers, he only knows what he reads in the newspapers. And coming from a man who prides himself on being so modern-day tech savvy, it’s hard to imagine that he actually picks up a newspaper at all.

During his presidential campaign, Ronald Reagan asked American voters, in reference to President Carter’s first term, “Ask yourself, are you better off now than you were four years ago?” Similarly, today’s Americans might ask the same thing and also add, “Is America stronger now than it was six years ago?” And “Is the world a safer place now than it was six years ago?”

President Obama wants to be able to say that he got all the US troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq. He does this by declaring that “the war is over.” If you quit fighting, does that mean that the war is over? I guess it does if your name is Barack Obama. Sure, giving up is one way to have peace. If you are a kid who turns over your milk money every day to a bully instead of standing up for yourself and fighting back, then the fight’s over. As long as you give the bully what he wants, you have peace.

Peace isn’t all that hard to achieve. If you’re taken over by your enemy, you have peace, the war is over. When you lose a war the war is over. For Obama and others that think like him, it is far better to give up fighting a war then to win it. In Obama’s world, capitulating to the enemy, backing down, doing business with evil regimes is a great achievement. Giving in, backing down, and getting the hell out is one surefire way to end the war.

Oh, and by the way, I don’t think our enemy believes the war is over. They started the war, remember? They flew those planes into our buildings and killed three thousand Americans. It ain’t over ‘til the Al-Qaeda lady sings. And she’s not even tuning up yet.

I think of how our credibility in the world has been diminished. Our allies don’t trust us, our enemies don’t fear us. I think of our wide-open borders with an additional 80 to 90 thousand young, uneducated, illegal immigrants projected to pour in by the end of this year and 150,000 more for next year. With so many American citizens still out of work, why is this a good idea?

I think of a president who does whatever he wants to do without any regard for rule of law. His obvious disdain for the Supreme Court and the houses of Congress, not to mention the Constitution, gives me an indication of what it must be like to live under a banana republic.

Lots of political pundits and writers have speculated on the motives behind Obama’s actions. Some say he is a Marxist, a far-left student of radical Sol Alinski, who is attempting to remake America into an authoritarian socialist style government. Some have said that he is a hater of Western Imperialism and that he considers it his duty to cut down the USA’s prestige, making America impotent and uninvolved on the world’s stage. The weaker America is, the better he likes it.

Some say he is just not very good at being president, a man in over his head, a community organizer who can’t manage anything more involved than a hellfire and brimstone speech read from a teleprompter. Some say he is disinterested in world affairs and in leadership in general, that he loves the pomp of the office but has little interest in the hard work that goes along with it. They say he is a guy who doesn’t take responsibility for his actions, and denies ever making mistakes. Not only doesn’t the buck stop with him, the buck never gets past the front guard gate.

I have no idea what drives Obama to do the things he does. I only know that he is the direct opposite of King Midas, that fabled monarch with the golden touch. Whatever King Obama touches turns to crap.

Two years left in the Obama administration. Fasten your seat belts, there’s still a lot left he can touch in two years.

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