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Dear Kenny:

Tony and I celebrated our 50th anniversary in March. We’ve been in our home for 42 years. We came to see you years ago for readings.

Tony has to have a hip operation and I have to go to Cedar’s once a month for infusion treatments to build my blood cells up. We are thinking about selling and moving elsewhere, but where?

This location has been so great for us. I don’t drive and take City Ride over the hill to my blood infusions and it works out good for me. Every time I go through the canyon I say “Hi Kenny!” because I know where you live.

What do you see for us – is selling the way to go or should we stay put? The economy seems to be getting better and maybe home prices will get better as we go on in a couple of years.

I pray to the spirits of our mothers and our friends that they’ll watch over us and help to guide our path. I hope to hear from you.


Dear Sweet Spirit Thomas (and Tony):

I’m extremely happy to hear that you are both doing so well, which you really are – even better than you realize.

I meditated and touched your letter and the spirits tell me that for the next three years you should stay in the home you are in now.

I’m told that you should do a little remodeling and that you will find a young person who will either have the initial “R”, “P” or “C” and this person is both honest and reasonable and will help you with the remodeling.

I am so pleased that you’ve celebrated your 50th anniversary. It is always good to hear from those who attended my spiritualist church meetings that I had for over 30 years, or have been to me for private consultations. Everyone who attended our church remembers Valerie for her piano playing of the beautiful hymns, especially “The Sweet By & By.”

I know that I haven’t seen you in some time but psychically I’m told that the secret of your success is that you smile often. I feel that this helps keep you healthy.

Keep smiling and blessings to you.

Dear Kenny:

I am feeling a bit lost in life and I hope you can give me some advice, encouragement or a direction to go in. I am in my 40’s and I have never been married. Last week my last relationship ended. I am also in a job that I don’t love and that I don’t see going anywhere.

I would love to have at least one area of my life going well. I am so ready to get married and spend the rest of my life with someone. I just can’t seem to find them. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your time,


Dear Sweet Spirit M.G.:

Life could not possibly be as bad or as difficult as you write to me.

I feel that with proper meditation you will find the position you desire and the person to spend your life with.

I will explain to you in a moment how to acquire the things lacking in your life. They’re within reach – you just can’t see them right now, but spirit can.

I will give you an example of thinking positively and drawing good into your life: Ever since my psychic hotline infomercials began running, part of my contract called for a new Jaguar to be provided for me every year. This came from the sponsors of the show. When the show ended a few years ago, so did the provision for the Jaguars, so I continued to get them on my own.

However, last week I thought, “You have this beautiful blue Jag but now you need something different and a little more colorful. Let the spirits find it for you.”

I swear to you with all my heart that I woke up about four or five days later and heard a female voice from the spirit world say, “Kenny, go to Mayberry Lincoln, see either Michael or Larry and get a new red Lincoln.”

The first thing I did that afternoon was go there to the dealership where I bought my first car when I first came to Southern California.

I talked to Larry and saw only black or silver cars. I told him that Spirit said I needed a red car. He said, “I have one for you – brand new.”

Valerie went back to do a test drive and told me it was wonderful. So I trusted Spirit and took the car without even seeing the red version of it. Two days later I had the car and I love it. I trusted my spirit guides to provide for me and they did.

And you can do the same. I find that you are indirectly living the life that you’ve chosen, whether you believe it or not. But you can now choose to live a better life. Please try meditating in the following way:

For your work situation, sit quietly in a place where you feel comfortable. Get a pink colored dinner-style candle (non-scented). At the same time each day, and as many times a day as you’d like, light your candle. Ask the spirits for the job that you desire. Please repeat, “The job that I seek, seeks me.” Only burn the candle for five minutes at a time and visualize your work situation improving. Then blow out the candle and get the smoke in the palms of your hands, releasing your problem to the spirit world. Know down deep in your heart that the job that is best for you is on its way.

At a separate time, burn a yellow color candle, which my spirit guides tell me represents love. Again, it should be a dinner-style, non-scented candle. Visualize the type of love relationship you would enjoy. Think of the type of person you would be proud to call your husband.

This time, say “The love that I seek, seeks me.” Focus on attracting the type of person you desire and then after five minutes blow out the candle and get the smoke in the palms of your hands, and go about your daily life, knowing that a higher force is at work to help you.

You can help by accepting social engagements when offered them. I can promise you from the bottom of my heart that your life will end up offering you roses.

Personally handwrite a letter to Kenny, seal and mail it yourself and look for his answer to your question in a future issue. Send your question to: Kenny Kingston, PO Box 1857, Studio City, CA 91614. For more information on Kenny Kingston, visit

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