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Dear Sweet Spirits, I’ve received a large influx of mail in the last couple of months, so I am just now getting around to answering the following letters. I’m trying to get caught up. Time and space permitting, with your patience, I will hopefully get to the rest of your letters.

Dear Kenny:

Our mutual friend, Dr. Robert Hartman, is always encouraging me to write to you.

I have been on SSI since 2002 due to complications from Multiple Myeloma (bone cancer) which has left me on dialysis three days a week.

I received a healing while in the hospital. A nurse was praying over me and the Holy Spirit came into the room and rolled up and down from my head to toes three times. It was miraculous! I was healed until 2006 when I contracted an amyloid condition which I have been treated for ever since.

We tend to look back on our past for possible answers to how we ended up like this. A question that has always bothered me, being nine years vested in films, is: did I make a wrong turn by leaving the William Morris Agency after literally being “discovered” by one of their agents?

I left them when they were working for me to sign with an excellent commercial agent. He was a good Catholic man who signed his people for acting as well as voice overs and commercials. I never stopped working but was unable to develop acting jobs since he wasn’t known for that. He didn’t allow me to sign a contract at Universal for acting.

After my commercial look was over I married. Unfortunately my husband wasn’t ready to settle down. I have two adult children.

I pray and am a contemplative person just trying to make sense out of things. I’m looking for some sort of closure, I suppose.

I have been a painter of oils for many years and am thinking of starting a postcard/greeting card line with my happy, joyous “whimsy’s.” My creative urge is still very strong.

I would love to have a reading with you. I would like to soar and be joyous when my ascending comes.

Love and thanks,
V. Wolf

Dear Sweet Spirit V. Wolf:

Yes, of course, we both have a wonderful doctor in common in Dr. Robert Hartman.

By all means I believe you did receive a healing from head to toe, because I feel healing energy coming through in your letter even today.

My associate Valerie and I will pray for you on a regular basis as we do for everyone who writes to me here at The Tolucan or who puts their name into the healing basket at my website.

While touching your letter I feel that yes, you should go into the post card/greeting card line. I find success for you there.

It was a mistake, I feel psychically, to leave the William Morris Agency, but I always feel that mistakes can be corrected and that in many cases they are meant to be, in order to lead us to a better purpose. I will send you best wishes for your new endeavor.

Dear Kenny:

I am writing to you with a very important question. I feel with your God-given talent you can psychically answer me.

I currently have a reasonably good job in advertising. I am 27 years old and unmarried. I have been offered the same type of work in San Francisco. I have two good girlfriends living there.

I don’t see any advancement in the position I’m in here locally. Please ask your spirits if this would be a good move for me. I feel I’d be bettering myself work-wise and may also have a better possibility at finding a man to marry.

I would really appreciate it if your wonderful spirits, whom I believe in strongly, can help me. I have followed your career for what seems a lifetime. Thank you in advance,


Dear Sweet Spirit Sylvia:

I feel from touching your letter that there is no doubt your move to San Francisco will benefit you professionally, and I do see you meeting the man to fulfill your life.

I get strong vibrations to my spirit answer and wish you good luck and great happiness.

I adore San Francisco and when you find the man, if time permits I will fly there to perform your wedding. As you may know, I am an ordained minister.

Personally handwrite a letter to Kenny Kingston, seal and mail it yourself and look for his answer to your question in a future issue. Send your letter to: Kenny Kingston, PO Box 1857, Studio City, CA 91614.

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