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Dear Kenny:

I have been in such turmoil and feel you and the spirits can answer the question for me in, pardon the expression and you’ll see why, the “right fashion.”

I am a designer of women’s clothing (primarily dresses). I really want to go to New York to have it as my base of operations. I feel that Los Angeles has too many of my style of designers. This may seem a petty question, but it is making me a nervous wreck:

I don’t know anyone there who could help me but the name New York keeps coming to me – it’s more glamorous, I feel. Please tell me whether to move there or not. I have a small amount of money saved if this helps the spirits answer the question.

Thank you,

Dear Sweet Spirit:

After meditating on your letter my answer is that you should stay in Los Angeles and find a partner to collaborate with, at least for the time being. I see that the initials J or G are perfect for you, as a partner’s name (first or last name beginning with this initial). Open a small shop on a street with the initial M and success will be yours.

Surprisingly enough I get this from Edith Head in spirit, and I’m sure you’re familiar with this world-famous designer. Good luck and I see you designing for film stars in the future.

Dear Sweet Spirit Kenny:

I need to find a sensitive dentist who will help me without causing stress or unnecessary pain. I have to have two wisdom teeth pulled. The one I have now is not sensitive or compassionate enough. Please give me an initial and I will do the searching.

Thanks so much,

Dear Barbara:

I get no initial for a dentist, unfortunately. But I feel that you will find one in Beverly Hills or Brentwood.

I suggest that you light a white-colored, non-scented, dinner-style candle for five minutes at a time. White represents, in the spiritual realm, purity and health. You can burn it several times a day if you’d like, but always meditate in the same location. Then after meditating, begin your search – online or in the phone book and a name or two in one of those cities will stand out to you.


Dear Dr. Kenny:

I am opening my own accounting business and have two men who are excellent candidates to work for me.

I already have a number of clients and need to hire someone soon. But I feel confused over which person to hire, even though I feel I have a little bit of psychic ability and maybe should just trust that.

But you’re the only one I really feel I can turn to. One person’s name is Arthur (not his real name) and I respect him, from his credentials, even though he’s quite young. The other, whom I’ll call Phillip, is good, too. I feel he could bring in clients for me because he’s been in business quite awhile.

Phillip is 64 years old; Arthur is 29. Both have good energy, it seems, but I wouldn’t like to make a mistake in hiring.

I will look forward to your advice.


Dear David:

I feel both are good men, but neither is right for you at the time.

I psychically feel that there is a female accountant who would be very much more in your favor. She has not entered your vibrations yet.

Please follow Spirit’s advice: I feel that you have been invited to attend a local seminar. Please go. There will be a woman there and you are psychic enough to realize when you meet her that she has the right vibrations to work for you. I feel she will eventually become a partner in your business.

Please let me know the outcome.

Personally handwrite a letter to Kenny, seal and mail it yourself and look for his answer in a future issue. Send your question to: Kenny Kingston, PO Box 1857, Studio City, CA 91614. For more information on Kenny Kingston, visit

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