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Dear Sweet Spirits: My client and friend, legendary film star Marilyn Monroe, has been in the news lately because her former home in Brentwood is on the market for $3.6 million. I was contacted by the worldwide press about my reactions to this, so I held a séance to contact Marilyn’s spirit, as I have often done since her passing in August of 1962. The story was released in Rome, New Zealand, India, London and also widely in the United States that Marilyn told me she wishes that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would purchase her home.

Marilyn told me during the séance that she has long been fond of Brad Pitt and knows that he appreciates architecture and would enjoy her home, even thought it’s been completely remodeled and bears little resemblance to the home she once lived in. But she feels that with the Jolie-Pitt children, the home would be filled with the love and laughter and children Marilyn never had but always longed for. She said that she would visit the home in spirit to ensure that it remained a happy environment.

The home, on 5th Helena, has been bought and sold several times since Marilyn’s passing. At one time I believe it was owned by a teacher who was in love with Marilyn from the screen.

I accompanied Marilyn when she was considering buying the home. I must say that I advised against it. At that time there were so many trees surrounding it and the street lights caused deep shadows, giving the home a dreary effect that Marilyn couldn’t afford, since she needed to keep an upbeat attitude. But she told me that she was very anxious to own her own home. “This is one time I have to go against your spirit advice,” she told me, “and follow Marilyn’s advice instead.” So she purchased it for $75,000, which she actually had to borrow in order to afford it.

It would be the only home she ever owned.

I find it intriguing but not unexpected that so much attention has been paid to Marilyn, not only now but throughout the years. Yet there have been literary and theatrical agents who have told me that when I go on lecture tours I should stop talking about Marilyn Monroe because “the world is tired of hearing about her.”

Obviously, they’re wrong. Here’s a simple example: lately I’ve done a lecture tour and also appeared extensively on radio, in Boston, Philadelphia, London and elsewhere. Each time, at a lecture, I’ve demonstrated how to develop your psychic ability, with such topics as learning to read an aura. Then after intermission and the sale of my books, I hold a question and answer session. Invariably, in addition to questions about what lies ahead for Paris Hilton, the Jonas Brothers and other current so-called celebrities, audience members say, “I know you were Marilyn Monroe’s psychic – did she really have an affair with the Kennedys?” or “Did Marilyn Monroe really commit suicide?”

I always explain that I’ve heard from her many times in spirit since her passing and it was simply a bad combination of pills mixed with a bit of alcohol. She was too happy the last week of her life to have even contemplated suicide.

I know all too well, because she called me the Wednesday before the fatal Saturday and asked me to go to the beach with her so she could play with children, which she loved doing. I had many private readings with clients lined up so I told her I couldn’t go. But I encouraged her to forego wearing makeup, wear a Sloppy Joe sweater and a scarf, and no one would recognize her. I convinced her she was perfectly strong enough to go on her own.

She called me that evening, delighted that she’d gone. She’d found children to talk to and laugh with and said, “I know we’re invited to Peter Lawford’s house on Saturday for a party. But I’ve decided I’d rather stay home, get a couple of night’s sleep, get my hair done and be ready for my press conference on Monday.”

She’d been reinstated by the film studio and was happy to be returning to work. And the press conference was something she was looking forward to. “I’ll answer their first major question, which will be to ask if I’m having an affair with Bobby Kennedy,” she laughed. “But you know my answer will be absolutely not. Then I’ll shock them by saying that the only man in my life will always be Joe.”

She was of course referring to baseball great (and her former husband) Joe DiMaggio. The truth is that Marilyn’s plan for the press conference had nothing to do with the Kennedys. She was planning to announce that she and Joe DiMaggio were going to re-marry that Thursday. The flowers were ordered, Joe had his suit ready.

Sadly, instead of a wedding, Thursday was the day of her funeral.

Good night, Sweet Marilyn.

In the next column, I’ll return to answering your letters.

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