Unbelievable but True Stories


Story number one: Here’s a story about an idiot. Hussain Al Khawahir, a Saudi man was arrested at Detroit Metropolitan Airport by federal agents on allegations of lying to them about using a passport with a missing page and traveling with a pressure cooker. As we know too well, the terrorists at the Boston Marathon bombings used two pressure cookers to make their bombs that killed 3, injured 264, including blowing the limbs off of 14 people.

Al Khawahir’s nephew, Nasser Almarzooq, told The Associated Press last Monday the case was simply a misunderstanding. He said his uncle was coming to visit him for a couple weeks and only wanted the device for cooking. Almarzooq is a student at the University of Toledo in Ohio. The man was scheduled to appear in U.S. District Court in Detroit for a hearing to determine whether he will be released on bond or detained.

Well, let’s see, what could possibly be wrong with a Muslim man traveling from Saudi Arabia with a pressure cooker only a few weeks after two Muslim men used pressure cookers to blow up people in Boston? But wait. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt here. If the guy is telling the truth – if he’s only bringing the thing half way around the world so he can make dinner for his nephew, then HE’S AN IDIOT!

On the other hand, if the guy is a terrorist who planned to use the pressure cooker to make a bomb then HE’S STILL AN IDIOT. That only makes him a dangerous idiot, but an idiot never the less. And if there’s one thing we don’t need in this country, it’s another idiot.

Story number two: Drugs and prostitution going on at a senior citizen housing complex? Unbelievable but true. A man, 75, and a woman, 66, suspected of using cocaine and running a prostitution ring out of their apartments at the Vincente K. Tibbs Senior Citizen Building in Englewood, New Jersey have been arrested after residents complained about vagrants, drunks, and addicts invading their building, authorities said.

In late April, police arrested fifth-floor residents James Parham and his neighbor Cheryl Chaney on charges of possession of drug paraphernalia and maintaining a drug nuisance. Chaney faces an additional charge of possession of crack cocaine. Parham admitted providing prostitutes — mostly young women with crack cocaine addictions — to some of his younger neighbors in the building, Detective Capt. Timothy Torell said. More charges could be pending.

Sex and drugs in the old age home. The hippie generation of the ‘60s never changes I guess, they just get older.

Story number three: It’s a given that politicians don’t always tell the complete truth but when the president lies and continues to lie even in the face of facts easily verified on video tape, it’s pretty shocking. But that is exactly what President Obama is doing … again and again and again.

Last Monday, during an appearance before the media, President Obama was again caught lying to cover-up his lying and covering-up in the aftermath of that horrendous terror attack in Benghazi, Libya that cost four American lives including our ambassador. Obama actually claimed before the world that, “The day after [Libya] happened; I acknowledged that this was an act of terrorism.” Uh, oh. Liar, liar, pants on fire, Mr. President.

In fact it is such a bald-faced lie that Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler awarded the President the full-boat of four Pinocchios:

“[T]he president’s claim that he said ‘act of terrorism’ is taking revisionist history too far, given that he repeatedly refused to commit to that phrase when asked directly by reporters in the weeks after the attack. He appears to have gone out of his way to avoid saying it was a terrorist attack, so he has little standing to make that claim now.

“Indeed, the initial unedited talking points did not call it an act of terrorism. Instead of pretending the right words were uttered, it would be far better to acknowledge that he was echoing what the intelligence community believed at the time — and that the administration’s phrasing could have been clearer and more forthright from the start.”

The lying from this Administration is so blatant that it’s embarrassing (but not to the president apparently). The lies about Libya never stop, no matter how much evidence is uncovered. As I said, politicians have been playing fast and loose with the truth forever, but this is a very different and much more serious thing. When it’s the President of the United States doing the lying and doing so before all of the media in the most brazen way imaginable, it goes beyond unbelievable. It’s criminal.

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