What Is Depth Psychology?


We invite you to take a journey to Pacifica.

Pacifica Graduate Institute’s motto – Animae Mundi Colendae Gratia (for the sake of tending soul in and of the world) — sets the tone for this unique school. It speaks to Pacifica’s insightful approach to the study and practice of psychology, and to the caring restoration of the Institute’s two campuses which are located between the Pacific Ocean and the coastal mountains just south of Santa Barbara, Calif. From its beginnings Pacifica has placed a strong emphasis on depth psychology. Based on the work of Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud, depth psychology calls attention to the importance of what lies below the surface of conscious awareness.

Students come from all over the world to pursue graduate degrees at Pacifica, either through three- or four-day monthly learning sessions, or in a blended distance-learning and low residency format. More than 3,000 Pacifica alumni incorporate the vision of depth psychology into their lives and vocations. Above all, Pacifica offers a sense of community to those who seek a life that looks beyond daily concerns to consider soul and spirit. Students often say the most valuable part of their association with Pacifica is the sense that they have found a place where their inner lives matter, where their chosen paths to self-knowledge are honored and encouraged.

Our gifted admissions staff will be happy to help your determine whether what we offer is right for you, and if so, assist you with the application process. Pacifica is now accepting applications for Fall 2012. Contact us at: (805) 969-3626 ext. 305 or email admissions@pacifica.edu. Visit our website at www.pacifica.edu.

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