When Going Green Isn’t Good


I’m all for living a green life. I use a cloth bag when I buy groceries. I recycle when possible, though I do think I’m doing a good deed when I just throw a can in the trash and then see the look on the homeless lady’s face that comes by on trash day as she fishes it out of my black bin like a kid at Christmas. But the green I’m talking about are all those green crosses popping up on every street corner.

A green cross is the symbol of medical marijuana. And you must be blind if you haven’t noticed the influx of green crosses everywhere in our city. It’s ridiculous the amount of pot shops that are opening up in our communities. According to Dege Coutee of PAN, the Patients Advocacy Network inHollywood, approximately 25 pot shops are opening every week in the city ofL.A.And it looks like it’s only going to get worse.

“You can thank Nutch for this: With no regulations, the city has no control. They’ve been sued to impotence,” Coutee says. Why haven’t the city council members done anything? They’ve probably been too busy trying to figure out whose district is whose and haven’t bothered to notice all the green growing on every block like out-of-control ivy creeping into every nook and cranny of our neighborhoods. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for medical marijuana and the right to safe access. But that doesn’t mean we need more weed shops then Starbucks and McDonald’s combined, and that they can just wave a green finger to the authorities in flagrant disrespect to the law.

If the city has no local regulations they can enforce, they fall back on state law.  Why is it that in one council district they’ve managed to control the growth of green while in others it continues to flourish? Can there really be a need for a pot shop on every corner? The city council has dropped the ball once again allowing years and years to go by without implementing enforceable regulations that would save our streets from all these green crosses that are becoming a blight in our communities. If the neighborhood councils can’t get a grip on what’s happening in the neighborhoods then what good are they? Nothing more than puppets for an ineffective city council. Going green is good when you’re talking about recycling and alternative energy. Green is not so good when that’s the color of a cross on every corner of my street.

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