Dear Tolucan Times Staff,


I just thought you should hear it from me—the ad and the story placement looks terrific for “The Light In The Piazza!”

Thank you
Pegge Forrest
Forrest & Associates

Dear Tolucan Times Staff,

Thank you Alicia for working with me on my ad for the Tolucan Times. I tried to send Mary Mallory an e-mail but it bounced back. Please tell her I said “thank you” for such a wonderful review.
And thanks for the copies of your newspaper.

Til the next time… be well,
 Carlease Burke

Dear Tolucan Times Staff,

I was writing a letter to a ticket vendor we work with, and I was praising Pat Taylor for her excellent writing and for her positive slant on most everything she sees. Also, for being one of the few reviewers in town who “loves“ theater. Most reviewers I found have an agenda, and if you aren’t doing something weird or sick, they will hate it. But Pat sees each show for what it is, and finds something good to write about. Those who know her know if she really likes something or is just so-so on it but she is always kind to the work as a whole. The ticket vendor I felt didn’t give the small papers or the online reviewers enough credit, when a good portion of them are better versed in theater and writing than the reviewers for the bigger papers.

Gary Lamb
Crown City Theatre Co.

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