I read “Obama’s Gift to the Illegal Alien Community” on June 27 in “Crosby’s Corner.”


The writer Greg Crosby failed to mention and to give some credit to President Ronald Reagan giving amnesty to 2 million Mexican illegals in the 1980s, without enforcing stronger border patrol. That encouraged millions more to enter here illegally.

All the pandering he stated of President Obama engaging in his election year to the various groups in our society is no more then Mitt Romney’s pandering to the extreme right wing and much more his constant flip-flopping on every issue that he once supported.

He stated, “No other President in our history has pushed his power so far and so often.” Has he forgotten the Bush/Cheney administration, “My way or the highway,” in running our country?

Their way left us with the worse recession ever.

Nina Trotta-Sutton

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