Kudos from Kassandra

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We are over the moon about this week’s paper (“What is Kassandra Carroll doing this summer? Recording her debut album ‘Memories of Marilyn,’” July 11). We believe it’s the best yet. We love your creativity and all who are linked with The Tolucan Times!

-Kassandra Carroll,
Toluca Lake

Greg Crosby back in the crossfire

I tend to pick up a copy of The Tolucan Times each week and strenuously avoid Greg Crosby’s column (Crosby’s Corner) because of his endless rants which I never agree with. That’s okay, I don’t have to like anything he says-and I don’t—but the latest article in the July 4 issue is an outrage and I do not understand how you allow him to spew such vitriol. It’s an embarrassment to him as well as to The Tolucan Times.

-Kathleen Farrell, via email

I am a longtime reader, local business owner and resident.  Your paper’s dedication to Greg Crosby is officially over the line.  Since the July 4th issue, I’m out.

This is a free country. I get it. I have a right to my opinions and you have a right to yours, but why are you so invested in spewing hate against one side of the aisle week after week? We already know the extreme right, or “regular right” these days, is really good at spewing hate. We know it makes you feel superior to put others down. All anyone has to do is watch Fox News, listen to Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones and on and on and on to experience the hate and name-calling and insults that they all rely on to make their “political” point.

An intelligent discussion about politics should not include name-calling, insults and hate-speak.  That is because it ceases to be an intelligent discussion. It is particularly disturbing to me that your paper allows this behavior, especially against women. It is tragic that it has become so accepted in our society.

-Stella Rose, city withheld

Silly letter in your publication from Jeff Krause (Letters, July 11.) He is upset that columnist Greg Crosby has views that differ from his own. He says he was appalled to read Crosby’s totally correct portrayal of today’s leftist Democrats. I should be the one who is appalled that almost all of the news media and academia is nearly 100 percent biased to the extreme left which is bad for America. I love to see someone stand for American values and report about how pathetic our country is going thanks to the “leftist liberals.”

-Robert Clark, Chatsworth

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