Medley spot on

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Tony Medley’s “World Series heroes and goats” column (“Sports Medley,” Nov. 1) was absolutely spot on and answered questions I had about Dave Roberts messing up the pitching and Kershaw weakness. I’ve seen so many managers do this in championship series going back to the 1993 Blue Jays/Phillies WS Game 6 when Fregosi put in closer wild man Mitch Williams in Game 6 instead of allowing Curt Schilling to close and Williams was hit for a game and series winning home run by Joe Carter.

-Gary Lowe, via email

Cheers and jeers for Pat Taylor

As a faithful reader of the “Nite Lights” Nov. 29 column in The Tolucan Times by Pat Taylor, I enjoyed her review of “The Marvelous Wonderettes.” It is on my “Go to See” list.

I also enjoyed her humor of having to spend her weekend in bed “sneering at Trump on CNN.” Her comment was a relief from eight years of bashing President Obama in Greg Crosby’s (“Crosby’s Corner”) column.

-Nina Trotta-Sutton, Simi Valley

I read the article by Pat Taylor on “The Marvelous Wonderettes” (“Nite Lights,” Nov. 29). The reason for my email is the comment where Pat mentions she was sick and spent the “weekend in bed sneering at Trump on CNN.” This comment has no relevance to this article. I do not see that the spirit of this paper has any room for this type of comment. This publication seems to be a local paper to describe neighborhood events, school functions and local people. I am not an ardent supporter of the President either but cannot see how this type of political comment can be tolerated by this paper.

-Michael J. Armstrong, via email

Another case of nasty political venom being spewed in a completely inappropriate way and in a totally inappropriate place (Pat Taylor’s Nov. 29 “Nite Lights” column). Shame on Pat Taylor for writing it and shame on The Tolucan Times for running it. I am done reading “Nite Lights” – or anything Pat Taylor writes.

-Stacey James, Los Angeles

No Grammy love

The 60th Annual Grammy Awards will take place on January 28, 2018. I won’t be tuning in. Although TV ratings were higher last year than the previous year, it cannot be denied that the show has seen a ratings decline during the past several years —and I think I know why. People want to watch a fun entertainment and awards show, not to be lectured over and over about politics.

Have you noticed that nine  times out of 10 criticism is directed against Republicans and not Democrats? I guess Hillary Clinton and Sen. Al Franken are perfect little angels that deserve no scrutiny.

-David Tulanian, Las Vegas

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