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I read with dismay that the Hollywood Bowl installed metal detectors to enhance “the safety and overall experience” of its guests (Community News, June 21).

Are metal detectors going to be de rigueur for every concert hall, movie theatre and public venue? If you refuse to consent to a search or pass through a metal detector at Disneyland, El Capitan Theatre or Pantages Theatre to name a few, are you are barred from admission?

Left-wing rabble-rousers, liberal politicos and media pundits demand amnesty, so-called free trade and open borders. But they scream “racism” when the Trump administration attempts to secure the borders and vet all immigrants. In the meantime, daily life becomes more oppressive and restrictive for everyone.

I will miss the Hollywood Bowl…for a while.

-Les Hammer,

Readers weigh in on ‘Trumpcare’

There are deadly consequences of passing the Trump-sponsored healthcare bill into law. Thousands will die! And the rest of the country will see its health placed in danger. This is a giant step backward when we need to be moving forward by improving the ACA.

The best way to lower healthcare costs is not by cutting healthcare but by increasing it! This should be obvious to anyone who understands the importance of early detection in treating diseases — before they become catastrophic.

-Sebastian Milito,
North Hollywood

On both sides of the aisle, I thought the campaign promise was to not let anyone, “Die on the streets!” However the Senate and Congress seem to think that means taking away healthcare from over 22 million people, as well as food stamps, Medicare and even Meals On Wheels!

Health insurance is more than a policy; it’s peace of mind for the needy and not so needy. It’s knowing your family will be cared for and not having to worry about going broke when you get sick. That’s why I strongly oppose the current Senate bill that would rob health care from millions of Americans to give yet another tax cut to the rich and powerful. Our healthcare system needs to be improved—we all agree on that. But this bill would do exactly the opposite—for no other reason than greed.

I urge Senators Harris and Feinstein to vote no.

-David Worth, Los Angeles

The GOP “health” bill is not a “health care” bill; it isn’t for our health and it doesn’t care. The GOP bill is just a giveaway to Wall Street, millionaires, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. We all know we need and deserve universal single-payer health care, and we all know this rich country can afford it. I know Senator Harris will fight for it because she is our rock star, and I’m grateful for that. I hope Senator Feinstein will fight for it too.

-Christina Williams,
Los Angeles

The Senate plan is not a healthcare bill; it is a massive transfer of wealth from working people to Wall Street. I urge Senators to vote no on the Senate healthcare bill.

-Anna K.,
Los Angeles

According to the Republican supporters of the GOP healthcare bill, it is intended to save money, increase choice, and include more people. Aside from the logical impossibility of accomplishing these mutually exclusive goals, the bill reflects a deep misunderstanding of U.S. health care policy. To call it “health insurance” would be like calling the water bill “thirst insurance.” Cutting access to health care and limiting coverage for elderly and poor people so that the wealthy and young can enjoy a tax cut would be the equivalent of cutting the water supply to the poor and elderly of the U.S. so that the privileged can drink.

-Robert Ross, Santa Clarita

More on Trump vs. Obama

Reader Linda Williams states she has lived through many presidencies and has never seen a president so hated as Trump (Letters, June 21).

For the past eight years there was much hatred expressed of President Obama, starting with Trump hounding Obama for five years about not being a legal citizen of the U.S.

It is obvious President Trump is extremely jealous of Obama who has class, erudition, intelligence, virtue, compassion and speaks with eloquence and with a vocabulary that Trump does not possess.

Greg Crosby commented about Kathy Griffin posting a mock decapitated head of Trump and how awful and disrespectful to the president that is (Crosby’s Corner, June 21). Yes, it was disgusting to see but so was it disgusting to see many photos of President Obama with a rope around his neck.

-Nina Trotta-Sutton,
Simi Valley

Re: Lynda Wadkins’ July 5 letter: anyone unaware of the constant avalanche of racial slurs, death threats and lynchings-in-effigy that President Obama endured (with grace, not angry tweets) was either asleep for eight years or white or both.

-Mark Hein,
South Pasadena

I am sick and tired of all the slanderous lies and mean-spirited behavior of liberal Democrats about President Trump and Republicans. Let me ask them this:

Did Republicans riot and destroy things over the election and re-election of President Barack Hussein Obama?

Did Republicans students riot on campuses over that election, or when a liberal/leftist was going to speak?

Did Republicans block offices and physically attack speakers on campuses?

Did Republicans throw bags of human feces and urine at police and Obama supporters?

Did Republicans create a website stating President Obama should be executed?

Did Republicans hold up a replica of Obama’s severed head covered with blood?

Silly me, I thought liberals were supposed to be kind, gentle, tolerant and caring folks. They sure had us all fooled.

-Robert Clark,

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