Readers’ Valentines for Greg Crosby and Donald Trump


Love Greg Crosby’s column about (President) Trump this week (Moaning in America, Feb. 1).

-Michael Near, Burbank

Three cheers to your fine American patriot columnist Greg Crosby. He’s right on target as usual. I am so ashamed of many Americans when they don’t get their way. When Barack Hussein Obama was elected, there were no riots and mean-spirited protests causing damage and injuries. Republicans have more class.

President Trump wants to (and is) making America better than it was and we should all thank him for that. At Berkeley, protestors torched a building and caused widespread damage because the University’s Republican Club invited a conservative speaker to campus. Where is the fairness and tolerance among today’s leftists? They have been brainwashed by their leftist America-hating college professors and their parents.

This country is going to hell in a handbasket and I doubt Mr. Trump can save the U.S.

-Lynda Wadkins,

North Hollywood

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