Remembering Erin Moran


I was born near Hollywood in 1958 and lived in the San Fernando Valley from 1959 to 1984. In the 1960s my parents made an offer on a home in Toluca Lake across the street from the late actress Erin Moran (Joanie Cunningham from TV’s Happy Days). We saw Erin through the window while visiting the home. She was then on TV’s Daktari. (We did not buy the home.)

In about 1973, while I attended North Hollywood High, a friend named Carla lived near Erin. Her sister Curstin was Erin’s best friend. I often saw Erin at their home over the next few years when visiting. I also saw Erin graduate from North Hollywood High. She progressed in her studies one or two years in advance of her age and graduated early.

When visiting her friends in the summer of 1975 she said I looked like Ron Howard which she said she liked. Years later I met actor Henry Winkler. I told him the story and what she said about my looks. Winkler replied “Oh really? I think of you as Anson Williams.” I replied “In that case, thanks Fonz.”

– Patrick L. Cazneau,
Norway, Maine

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