Respect the president

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Not expecting to be printed, so I am letting you know how I feel about the editorial cartoon on Page 19 of The Tolucan Times on Aug. 16 and I am not mincing my words.

How dare you print such a piece of disrespectful bulls**t on your pages? Cómo se atreve a poner ese tremendo toro en sus páginas?

I am a minority in every extent of the word, and I did not like nor ever approve Obama for president. I knew that he was a socialist and that he was going to make a lot of damage to America. Fifty years ago, I came to this country to get away from what he is and believes. Still, I respected him because he was our president. Your paper and that so-called cartoonist need to learn to respect our current president, Donald Trump. Like it or not, he was elected by we the people, myself included.

-Nury Pérez, Burbank

I was so glad to read your great American columnist Greg Crosby with his much needed and fair praise of President Trump (Crosby’s Corner, Aug. 23).  The news media negatively and hysterically criticizes this man daily simply because they didn’t like his comments regarding the violence (by both extremist sides) in Virginia.

The U.S. economy is doing great since he took office. I don’t think it has been this great in history. You won’t have anyone in the media report this. Yes, as Greg said, “200 days in and making a difference.” Yes, for the better.

-Lynda Wadkins,

North Hollywood

Election fallout continues

I fully disagree with reader Rebecca Olkowski (Letters, Aug. 2). Your columnist John K. Adams was 100 percent factually correct in his column about “liberals suffering through grief over last election.” If you don’t like the outcome of an election, just work to try and elect the candidate of your choice in the next election. This is America for heaven’s sakes. You can vote for whomever you please. But Democrats, please do not elect far-leftists like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Just look what has happened to once-great Venezuela.

-Robert Clark, Chatsworth

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