The Ryu report

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(Councilmember David Ryu) has done nothing for Toluca Lake and its residents. His biggest accomplishment was to initiate and claim the Bob Hope Estate property as a historical landmark for the City of L.A. to control. This needless action caused the Hope’s daughter (Linda Hope) to spend excessive amounts of money for attorneys to fight City Hall to gain control over her parents’ property. Thankfully, she now can satisfy her parents’ wishes.

I would rate the Councilman’s performance as a strong zero.

-Barry Tirdell, Toluca Lake

An answer for freeway shutdowns

My gosh, turn around here in California and who can say what will happen next? One huge fact slaps all our faces, highways and roads. Once compromised to become near or impossible to use, we all suffer one way or another. The horrible one-two punch of fires, then mudslides closed down FWY 101 for days. Our highways here in Southern California are the actual life blood of our lives. So why have we not devised and developed countermeasures – serious ones?

So, here goes. Why not have assemble-able and portable “frame-work” kinds of temporary “pathway roads?” Designed and made of super strong titanium metal and carbon fiber cabled bracing, they would be easy to use and route around; the metal frame work for great strength. It might work well enough. The upright support frames, like all else, are in sections and when placed in place, can be connected in several ways.

A very key point is having the actual temp roadway high enough above the real highways and roads so to allow space underneath for work crews to clean up mud, debris and so on. Of huge importance though is to have anchor points for the road structures. Sunken deeply into the ground at the sides of roads would provide places for the temp main framework, at the sides, to be anchored and held in place. The temp roadway would benefit by being made in different sized sections for convenience, etc.

Our economy here – California being the 8th largest in the world – is nothing if not mobile! So then, America would/should have interest in keeping us healthy and robust – think money—“capitol capital,” eh?

Traffic using such roads probably should just be cars and light trucks and so on. Heavy trucks and machinery will be sorely affected, of course, sadly. But at least people can go to work.

To paraphrase those here before us – “To face the worst is to prepare for the worst.” Let us do so, please. Okay?

-K. MC, Glendale

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