On the value of dogs and cats

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By Michael Rotsten, Esq.

As a dog and cat person I find it hard to decide which are more enjoyable to live with. There are far more animals other people love to live with, and surely have their opinions about them. Here, I limit my opinions to canines and felines.

Dogs can be my buddy, and go for a walk, or even run with me. They are more inclined to be protective and home guardians. That goes for protecting and alarming me that there is someone coming close to us, or home.

Dogs are easy for people to play energetic games with, giving us our necessary physical exercise. I truly love most all dogs, especially Alaskan Malamutes.

Now, how about cats? My cats are friendly and are good at cuddling. They can be stubborn and demanding, but how can I refuse a fuzzy friend’s requests of me?

I have lived with dogs that think they are cats, and cats that think they are dogs. Those are my favorites. A cat greeting me at the door, wagging his or her tail, as well as fetching balls is quite amazing. The dogs that are willing to gaze into my eyes and rub against me, for attention and affection, are wonderful at lowering my tension level.

I have to say that I cannot decide which species that I like better. However, all pets and other animals are wonderful to live with.

Every one of us should live with an animal of our choice. We, and they, deserve it.

Michael Rotsten is an animal law attorney based in Encino.


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