Beauty and the ‘Environmental Beast’

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By Renee Echt,
medical esthetician and age interventionist

Wrinkles, saggy skin and dark circles are all caused by aging right?


We all know that smoking, drinking and exposure to the sun causes our skin to age prematurely. Yet, we’re surrounded and inundated every day with a potentially far more harmful modern day reality that may impact our physical appearance to an even greater degree.

There’s no warning label on your cell phone, nor on your computer.

I call this hazard the unseen “Environmental Beast.” Simply put—-electromagnetic field waves. We can’t see them, we can’t feel them and we can’t hear them. Yet, we’re swimming in a field of emitted EMF waves everywhere we turn.

Our bodies are like a catcher’s mitt, being bombarded and absorbing these waves when we’re least aware. We live in a constant field of cell phones, computers, cell phone towers, fluorescent lights and smart meters. We need to wake up and start paying attention! We hear about the dangers, yet most choose to ignore this potentially dire information.

There’s no warning label on your cell phone, nor on your computer. Back when it was a supposition that smoking causes cancer there were no warnings either. Cut to today: it’s legally required that we emblazon cigarette packaging with a proven, ominous warning. Smoking doesn’t just cause cancer; it can kill you. “Exposure to EMFs may accelerate aging.” Hmmm…I bet that would make you pause and think twice.

Here is a list of simple things you can do to minimize your exposure:

  1. Check the SAR rating of your cell phone. The SAR rating stands for the amount of radiation being omitted. All cell phones have two ratings: one for the brain and one for the body, and the maximum government standard is 1.6.
  2. Samsung has the lowest omissions, whereas iPhones have the highest. See the following two web pages:
  1. Sleep is interfered with constantly by EMF bombardment. Simply turn off your WiFi at night.
  2. Crack your window while driving. If you were sitting inside a smoke-filled car, you could see it and you’d open your window to dissipate the smoke. However, EMFs are invisible unless detected with a special meter. By keeping your windows closed, you’re literally sitting inside a microwave. The frequencies bounce off the windows and penetrate your body. Not good!
  3. Whenever possible, use the speakerphone or an “airless” headset so the EMFs exit your space before they find their way into your brain.
  4. Smart Meters are a catastrophic health danger. If you have one, have it replaced. Call your electrical company or the gas company and they will come disconnect and remove it.
  5. Fluorescent lights emit a neurotoxin into the air that is dangerous. Replace all flourescent bulbs with incandescent bulbs.

  1. An important supplement that prevents degeneration of your skin, immune system and overall well-being is CBD.

As an “Age Interventionist,” I invite you to intervene in your own aging process.

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