On The Spot Mobile Pet Grooming Spa

We have separation anxiety so Jay comes to us!

We have separation anxiety so Jay comes to us!

Welcome to On The Spot Mobile Pet Grooming Spa! Most people lead hectic lives nowadays, and it’s hard to fit into a grooming shop’s drop off and pick-up schedule. Instead, we come to your home or office, saving you two trips to the grooming shop with the pets, leaving you free to take care of other important tasks in your day or just to relax at home. Just think, no more dealing with the dirty paws and shedding hair all over the inside of your clean car.

The pets don’t have the stress of leaving home and being left where there are strange people coming in and out, telephones ringing, and they are exposed to unknown barking dogs. It can be quite a scary experience for nervous or older pets to be left at a grooming shop. There is no separation anxiety. They are never caged, just one-on-one professional, loving care by Jay, from start to finish.

I have been grooming for over twenty-five years and just love pampering the pets in my care. I have groomed many pets for shelters and rescues, increasing their chances of adoption. We use only the highest quality, all-natural, certified-organic products to help your pet achieve the best skin, coat and overall health.

To make an appointment, visit www.onthespot.biz, or call (323) 577-2247.

FYI – The California Pet Lover’s License Plate has recently become available through the DMV. The proceeds will provide large scale funding for spay and neuter programs across California.

www.caspayplate.com or www.dmv.ca.gov.


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