Top 20 funny but true reasons to have a pet


20. You’ll never eat alone again
19. At least someone is happy to see you
18. Hair on your clothing builds character
17. You can pass gas and blame it on them
16. Finally someone who listens!
15. You can take pictures of someone besides yourself
14. They’ll give you an honest opinion of your carpeting
13. Experience giving someone better medical care than you give yourself
12. They don’t care if you snore
11. Being awakened at 5am and knowing they’re not a burglar
10. Finally someone who won’t complain that “You’re so needy”
9. You didn’t get famous on the internet but maybe they can
8. They absolutely don’t care what religion you practice
7. Feel what it’s like to have someone without a job eat your food and sleep on your couch
6. They will never say “You need to hit the gym”
5. They’ve seen you naked and don’t care
4. Their musical tastes are exactly the same as yours
3. They’ll never say “Haven’t you been drinking a bit much?”
2. They don’t care if you don’t have a bed skirt or table runner
1. Unlike your parents they are proud of you

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