School Is Back and So Is Head Lice

Hair Angels gives free in-salon headchecks through the month of October.

Hair Angels gives free in-salon headchecks through the month of October.

School is back and so is head lice. Don’t panic, call the professionals! The Hair Angels offer a fast, non-toxic solution, and they guarantee children back to school immediately after treatment. They’re pleased to offer 10 percent off the cost of an in-home or salon lice treatment, through the month of October.

September is National Head Lice Awareness Month and the National Pediculosis Association urges all parents to have their children checked for head lice when beginning school in the fall.

The Hair Angels, a professional, lice removal service has been helping families eliminate head lice for over five years. They provide a professional, fast, and guaranteed service for the entire family.

The Hair Angels offers a non-toxic and guaranteed solution to lice, a claim that over-the-counter products cannot often provide. Chemical preparations are not always effective, because they don’t kill all of the lice eggs or “nits.” If these nits are left in the hair, they will continue to hatch and the infestation begins again.

The Hair Angels’ experienced and meticulous technicians have been extensively trained in the most effective lice removal method available, The Shepherd Method. They are proud to be the only local company to use this method, which they know is the only way to guarantee thoroughly clean, lice-free hair and to get your life back to normal fast!

Appointments are available seven days a week by appointment only. Visit or call (877) 543-8881 for more information.


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