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By Jessica Sheppard

Take a step towards freedom from stress, pain and anxiety. Be your best in 2010!

Toxic build-up in our bodies contributes to a wide variety of health problems. Ridding ourselves of these toxins becomes an essential component of a long-term commitment to weight loss. Why? Not only does cleansing offer the chance for immediate loss of the excess material in our digestive tracts but, also, it contributes to the creation of overall health—a fundamental condition for weight management. Additionally, digestion becomes easier and vitamins are absorbed more easily, which can help put an end to the cravings caused by nutritional deficits.
While cleansing, people enjoy unprecedented levels of vitality and health, and some even experience a kind of exalted state in which mental clarity and energy levels drastically increase. Conversely, cleansing can also initiate a process of reliving the emotions we had while overeating, and is generally experienced as a time of heightened emotion. It’s therefore very important that we remain gentle and patient with ourselves. We, at LA Chiro Spa & Holistic Center, recognize the intensity of the cleansing process. In addition to offering complimentary nutritional coaching, we offer N.E.T. (Neuro-Emotional Technique) sessions and recommend regular adjustments with Dr. Zappala to conquer the negative patterns and will gently guide you to a happier, healthier and more confident version of yourself.
Call us today and mention this article for a complementary consultation and exam with Dr. Zappala, and a free ½ hour massage with your first adjustment.

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