Thermography: Radiation-Free Breast and Full-Body Scans


By Dr. Hillary Smith D.C., Certified Clinical Thermographer

Infrared image.

Thermography is a very effective, proven, radiation and pain-free screening available for the earliest detection of breast disease. There is no contact. It is safe and appropriate for any woman regardless of age, prior surgery, breast density or implants.
Breast cancers don’t become lumps overnight. They form cells that need a blood supply called neo-angiogenesis. Thermography picks up the heat generated by this blood flow, and other subtle physiologic changes that accompany breast disease. Because thermography picks up heat and inflammation, it can even detect inflammatory breast disease.
The breast images are taken with the highest quality, FDA approved medical infrared camera by a female Certified Clinical Thermographer. These images are then interpreted by a Thermologist (specially trained M.D.) and a written medical report is generated. A baseline of your unique thermal fingerprint is necessary during the first year. Two sets of images are taken approximately three months apart. The baseline is used for comparison of all future scans. Reports are reviewed with you by a licensed healthcare professional.
Thermography can detect tumors up to eight years prior to a mammogram because it is looking for very early changes in the behavior of the breast. If we are to win the battle against breast disease, we need to shift from cancer detection to cancer prevention. Thermography is a valuable technology that allows women to look into the future and be proactive.

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