How I Got Rid of My Ugly Pink Bathroom for Only $300!


By Jon Konjoyan

An outdated and ugly bathtub gets a total makeover without a messy and expensive remodel. Here Jose from Professional Reglazing prepares the area for a fresh new finish.

Are you like me? Sick and tired of looking at ugly, outdated, and chipped tiles in your kitchen or bathroom? Got a nasty looking bathtub? It actually hurt my eyes (not to mention ego) after years of looking at and living with such depressing surroundings.

I certainly didn’t have $5,000-$10,000 to spend on remodeling, and I’m hardly a “do-it-yourselfer.” Thank goodness I found Oscar at Professional Reglazing. In a matter of hours and for very little money, his polite and professional crew transformed my space from gross to glamorous. I can’t tell you how good I feel every time I walk into my “new” bathroom. I swear to you my self-esteem is higher, and my quality of life is better.

What do they do? After masking the affected areas and drop cloths are set up, the area is “prepped” (nicks and holes filled), primed, sealed, and painted with a specially-formulated highly durable, glossy top-coat of any color you choose. They can do tubs, sinks, counters, and tile surrounds. Whatever you have that looks terrible today, will look wonderful tomorrow. Down time is minimal, and the results are almost instant.

It is truly like a miracle!

For more information contact Oscar at Professional Reglazing at 800-833-8060 or

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