Muttville, a Second Chance for Senior Dogs


Muttville’s mission is to rescue older dogs (aged 7+) slated for euthanasia all over California. Muttville gives these dogs the veterinary care they need and finds them permanent, loving homes. Founded in 2007, this October, Muttville celebrates saving its 500th dog.
Muttville performs a special rescue function: older dogs are seen as less desirable than puppies. They often need extensive veterinary care, making them expensive to care for and hard to place for adoption. In this ailing economy, animal shelters are overflowing with record numbers of unwanted animals. Muttville serves as a “shelter of last resort” for these dogs.
Many of Muttville’s dogs come from homes where people have passed away. Muttville’s “Seniors for Seniors” program recognizes the special gift older dogs have to offer by placing them with senior citizens.
As an all-volunteer organization, Muttville manages to do so much with so little. Muttville fosters up to 40 dogs at a time in 27 foster homes. Veterinary costs constitute 85% of expenses. Yet in 2009, with a budget of only $170,000, Muttville rescued, provided veterinary care for and adopted out 300 elderly dogs.
Muttville’s goal is to never have to say “no” to any senior dog in need. We offer these wonderful older dogs a second chance, a forever home that will love them to the fullest.

For more information and great stories, see us at Muttville is a 501C3 non-profit organization.
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