Ramsey Shilling’s Molin and Duenckel stand as cornerstones of Toluca Lake


Jon Molin & Shirley Duenckel have both resided in Toluca Lake for over 30 Years. They have raised their families here and can honestly state that they have seen most of the homes in Toluca Lake at some time during their real estate careers.

Shirley has been proud to represent the Toluca Lake Garden Club as President for many years. She has also been active in the Toluca Lake Chamber of commerce and has acted as President in the Chamber as well.

Jon, a  proud former Marine, worked in corporate management and has been an active Realtor for over 22 years. Currently Jon is the Vice President of the Toluca Lake Chamber, and appreciates the rare opportunity he has in working in a career that he truly loves.

Whether it’s the Bing Crosby Estate, or a “starter condo” in a nice neighborhood, both Jon and Shirley take pride in helping their clients find that “Ideal Scene” in which to enjoy their lives.

Call Jon Molin at (818) 481-8643 and Shirley Duenckel at (818) 317-1006.   

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