Easy Pickings


By Mark Felicetti

T40-21-Mark FelicettWhen Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. came out of his self-imposed, 21 month retirement most pundits figured his opponent would be low hanging, over-ripe fruit… code for “easy pickings.”
The trick was finding someone that looks tough, puts up a good fight, but doesn’t stand a chance in hell… enter Juan Manuel Marquez.
Marquez is best known for his draw against Manny Pacquiao, arguably the best pound for pound boxer besides Mayweather.
That gives Juan Manuel “ring cred” and if you watched the HBO “24/7” series leading up to the fight you saw a strong willed, tough as nails, competitor (with some bizarre training techniques) that looked like he might have a chance for an upset.
Coming to the ring that concept suffered, but didn’t die. Marquez made his ring walk to mariachi music. Hearing the same tunes played at a Quinceañera doesn’t exactly instill fear in your opponent.
However, Mayweather leveled the playing field when he appeared in a sleeveless, white warm-up jacket…with a furry blue hood.
It looked like “Cookie Monster” had swallowed Floyd and I found myself humming the tune to “Sesame Street” as Mayweather made his way to the ring.
So far, it was a dead heat. After the bell rang the dream of an upset quickly faded, never to return.
Marquez was everything he was supposed to be… including an easy victory for Floyd. Mayweather was bigger, stronger, and faster. Manuel went down in the middle of round 2 but beyond that, Floyd did little more than what was required to assure the win.
Every once in a while a cricket winds up in my tub…just follow me. He can’t climb up the side and he can’t get enough traction to jump out. He has no success, but he never stops trying. So it was with Marquez. Mayweather won by unanimous decision.
Also on the ticket, and the most gratifying fight of the evening, was the bout between Michael Katsidis and Vincente Escobedo. Escobedo bit off more than he could chew in this one.
Katsidis is a very exciting brawler but, coming off of two recent losses, he is trying to become a better boxer… and he has. Katsidis’ face gets cuts so easily you can punch him in the ribs and his eyebrow will split.
With cuts over both eyes from the early rounds he marched forward the entire fight, dictated the pace, and pounded his way to a split decision victory.
Let’s hope the one judge that scored the fight in favor of Escobedo is either crazy or needs glasses. No other reason is acceptable.
God Bless and be fair.

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